49 thoughts on “Game 83 –Angels at Twins”

  1. I can't get Gameday Audio to launch on Chrome or Opera. What's up with that?

    1. finally got it to work in Firefox.

      for some reason, mlb.com's audio button keeps trying to send me to mlb.tv, which I do not have. It then fails to launch because Flash is disabled in Chrome. Oy.

  2. 50 users online (23 bots, 23 guests)? Bots, okay, but guessing we don't have that many guests.

    If you are a guest, show yourself!

    1. I wasn't watching, but my guess is that after Buxton's homer, Dick Bremer said something like, "Well, home runs are okay, but what he really needs to do is hit the ball on the ground."

    1. what Official Scorer would consider a one-out bunt (in the American League) a sacrifice? That's dumb.

  3. Gibby hasn't been anything outstanding, but since he came back from AAA he's pretty much kept the team in the ballgames and lowered his ERA all but one game

    1. every team needs 4th/5th starters who can reliably get through 5-6 innings and give the team a chance to win. I'll take a couple of guys in the rotation with 4.50 ERAs.

      In June, his slash line allowed was 304/362/519! AND that was a 100-point improvement in OPS Allowed from April-May!!!111one111!!!

          1. MLB.tv may be better about being up to the minute than FSN because I used to be the one who thought everyone was a vvitch.

  4. Celebrating with one of these.

    A little sweet for the style, but tasty. Some funk, lots of dark fruit. Over-carbonated with a big, fluffy head.

    1. Celebrating with one of these.
      The name made me think "gimmick" but it is really tasty. So much so that I forgot to watch out for the 8.14 ABV.

  5. Padres do us a favor but Mariners do not, so Twins 1.5 games back of Indians but still tied with Royals. Also, Rays in a virtual tie with Twins and Royals for second wildcard.

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