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        1. North Dakota Breweries that I have info on:

          Fargo Brewing - We carry their beers and have had great feedback. The owners are awesome people who really get out in the markets and support it. 1.21 Gigahops is a seasonal double IPA that rocks. Stonesthrow is a very approachable Scottish Ale. They have a very loyal following.

          Drekker - haven't tried their beers, but hear lots of solid reviews

          Laughing Sun (in Bismark) - Great owners, great beers. Absolutely love their Sinister Pear Golden Strong Ale. It is my favorite representation of my favorite style of beer.

          Buffalo Commons (in Mandan)- A brewery in basically a machine shed. Not the best stop in tap room, but their beers are solid.

          Bird Dog (Mandan) - small brewery in a small cafe space. Don't know how they do it with such limited space and equipment, but they do have some solid selections.

    1. Louisiana's entry there is a pretty solid beer, it's just a shame that Bayou Teche doesn't have the greatest quality control.

    1. I'll try to skate around the FZ, but I wonder if it has to do with people who aren't incredibly wealthy believing that they someday will be. Like, people who complain about player salaries can't picture themselves in the player's shoes but they can imagine themselves owning a sports team, so their sympathy instinctively goes towards the owner.

      1. I think it is because we hardly ever hear about what the owner's make. We need the media to start telling us that Jim Pohlad made $250 million last year and hit .000.

        1. We need the media to start telling us that Jim Pohlad the team made $250 million last year

          FTFY. We don't care how much $$$ Pohlad made in general, but we should be interested in what he made off the team

          1. No. We need to know what he made. "The team" isn't concrete enough. Nobody bitches about team salary.

            1. That's the other thing, these teams are privately held. There's one liaison for MLB purposes but there can be numerous minority owners. I would be surprised if the Pohlads owned 100% of the team.

            2. Really? What does it matter what he made outside of baseball? Nobody bitches about sponsorships and residuals that Joe makes, for instance, why should that apply to owners?

                  1. actually, that' s a pretty common meme when some star player with multiple endorsement deals is slumping..... But I take your point, generally.

  1. I was going to make a joke about how MLB shouldn't let any other game be played at the same time the Yankees and the Red Sox are playing, but now I see that they're actually not.

  2. The Twins have announced that Bartolo Colon will, in fact, start Tuesday against the Yankees. I hope he does well. I'm not counting on it.

    1. Woo hoo. This guy gets the game log. Workshopping a few ideas this afternoon. Do I go minalist or epic?

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