Game 89. Twins @ Astros

The second half begins! The Twins are in the hunt for a division title or a wild card slot, but I am thinking there is not enough starting and relief pitching to get the Twins there. I know, a scorching take right there.

One pitcher I trust is Jose Berrios. He starts tonight so thats good. But the Twins are playing the best team in the AL, the Houston Astros.

Maybe we'll sweep the 'Stros like they swept us at Target Field!

20 thoughts on “Game 89. Twins @ Astros”

  1. Bremer forgets Hunter participating in the 2002 Home Run Derby. Hunter says he beat Rodriguez and Bonds so I had to check. Yes he did. He got three home runs compared to their two each.

  2. What the wut!?! I leave to mow, and the Twins are up by 1 with an out on the board, and this is what happens!!!???

  3. Am I a terrible person? I want the Astros to break the HR record this season and score 1,000 runs. So I'm not annoyed with this game

  4. Okay, I lied. I watched one episode with the game on in the background. Started watching again in earnest in middle of rally. Anyway, wanted to make this observation: Hunter is... not good at this. Not saying that in the vein of normal ii dismissals, just... well, he's not good. Bring back LaTroy, please.

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