55 thoughts on “Game 116: Twins at Tigers”


    That ball was about 16 feet off the ground

  2. Batting average isn't what it was, but Miguel Cabrera's .253 is lower than any other season of his career. Incidentally, so is his 99 OPS+. His two lowest season marks (.268, 106) came in 2003, which was his rookie season. He hasn't hit below .300 since 2008 or finished with an OPS+ below 150 since 2009.

  3. Are my ears deceiving me? Did Dick actually say "this isn't an ideal bunting situation?"

  4. It's almost like it would help to have a real backup first baseman. Too bad we only have about three of them in AAA.

    1. If Sanó pulled his foot, it wasn't by much. They didn't have a camera angle that provided irrefutable evidence he didn't pull his foot, but there also wasn't an angle that clearly showed he did pull his foot.

  5. I am so tired of announcers talking about "momentum", as if it was some mystical, magical force that you can't overcome.

  6. Do we actually have a catcher in the game, or are we just letting balls bounce off the umpire?

  7. How often do you see a guy pass three balls in an inning and then jack a leadoff homer fly out to left-center for the first out of the next?

  8. I'm still trying to wrap my head around i-i, scoffing at pitchers' conditioning & abilities, asking Dick in an incredulous voice, "Do you actually think Bert Blyleven was an athlete?"

    1. To be fair, Bert was averaging a mere 291 IP with a 2.58 FIP and 133 ERA+ when i-i was still filling his drawers.

  9. Somehow the Twins must have gotten momentum on their side again. It's funny how good ballplaying will do that.

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