Game 130: Twins at Blue Jays

Kyle Gibson vs. Joe Biagini, 12:07 p.m.

For fans, this game could carry a little more weight, at least as far as feeling good about how the Twins are doing. With the win, the Twins could return home with a .500 road trip and still in a playoff position. A loss would mean losing both series on the road trip against teams with losing records and the possibility of falling out of a playoff position. At the very least, it would be another lost opportunity to expand their lead on a very tight and congested wildcard race.

More importantly, I think, this game will signify the end of a 12 games in 10 days stretch while missing several key players for much of it. The Twins have seven wins so far in this stretch and are going for their eighth today before getting a much-deserved off day on Monday. Then, in less than a week, the Twins can call up more reserves when the rosters expand.

Looking ahead, the Twins will have 32 games over the final 34 days of the season. Only 15 of them are at home, however, only  6 of those games are against teams with currently better records than the Twins: 3 at the Yankees and 3 at the Indians. If the Twins are within 3 games of the Yankees, that could be quite the series in New York in mid-September.

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  1. Broadcasting crew saying Molitor's Players only jersey can only be Mollie. I say Molitor should go with "The Ignitor"

  2. 1. Bad move by Polanco going home.
    2. Great rundown by Polanco allowing everyone to advance two bases.

  3. Man, whatever it is that ended up getting things straightened out, be it the step change, or confidence, or just getting the rhythm of the game down, Buxton is RAKING.

  4. Remember those days when Buxton was compared favorably to Mike Trout? Those are starting to sound more plausible.

    1. The other day, I saw someone pay for a pack of cigarettes with a stash of two dollar bills. The cashier looked confused, then called the manager. Luckily the manager knew what a two dollar bill was.

      My takeaway was that people still get two dollar bills and it kind of blew my mind.

      1. Had a group of twelve Korean businessmen who all tipped me with $2 bills. Found out later they are considered "good luck."

    1. To be fair, it should have been a single, but the ball bounced high off the turf and over the OFers head.

      Mauer has 29 career triples! More than Dan Gladden, Kirby Puckett, Roy Smalley and a lot of other players.

  5. Im guessing after todays game, Buxton will pass Big Erv in rWAr, and Mauer passing Sano.

    1. Maybe

      MLBBarrelAlert‏ @MLBBarrelAlert
      Byron Buxton (14) off LHP Tim Mayza (2) - 108.4 mph, 23 degrees (381 ft Home Run)
      91.2 mph Four-Seamer

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