Game 161: Tigers @ twins

We're almost there. For the first time in seven years, there WILL be October baseball that means something.

I'm hoping that this isn't my last game log for the year. It will be really nice if I need to half bake something for a game against the Spiders next Saturday.

Even if I don't get that opportunity, though, this year has been a success that I don't think any of us saw coming. There will be plenty of time to speculate about the best course moving forward, but for now, the best course of action is to drink another beer and watch the Twins beat up on a team that is decidedly tensing in the opposite direction.

Tonight, Slegermania takes hold again. I hope he's able to pitch however far into the game as the plan dictates. Also, some dude named Sanó gets to hopefully play his way into the Tuesday lineup.

If this it, then I've half-baked my last game log for the year. Go Twins!

52 thoughts on “Game 161: Tigers @ twins”

  1. I'm at a wedding reception. Are the Tigers having that guy whose name I can't remember play all the positions, or did they decide against that?

  2. I don't get having Romine do the every position thing when you're the road team. You aren't guaranteed to be in the field for nine innings, especially when you're the clearly worse team.

      1. well, do they have any home games left?

        You don't want to do it when it might affect a playoff race. And Ausmus isn't exactly worried about getting fired.

          1. They hadn't clinched yet, but the Angels had small odds at the start of the four game series and by time the last day of the series on Sunday, they had minuscule odds. I think that Sunday would have been the best time to do it.

  3. Romine's progression through the positions is unsatisfying. Shortstop between third and second base? Come on.

  4. At the beginning of the game I was neutral about this 9 position stunt, but as the game has progressed I think I am not a fan of it.

    1. I'm not outrageously outraged about it, but I'm not a fan of it, either. However, if you're going to do it, do it right. Having him play less than an inning at the positions he's unfamiliar with is cheating.

  5. Strange maneuverings. The catcher, Holaday, went to second, presumably because the main catcher, McCann, was at DH. But, if you're doing this, I think you have to be most afraid of Romine pitching and catching. Why not have a catcher on the bench in case it goes bad so you don't lose the DH? On the other hand, maybe you structure it so Romine is the pitcher when the pitcher's position comes up to hit.

    1. Pitcher is due up fifth and Romine sixth. Romine can pitch the bottom of the eighth and then bat in the top of the ninth as the pitcher. That would be neat.

  6. Wow, Dick with some serious GOML.

    This nine position thing hasn't exactly been as awesome as I'd hoped, because they're cheating. Still, STFU, Dick. If you hate modern baseball, you should retire.

      1. Having listened to a lot of the radio this year, Dazzle isn't even a tenth the sourpuss that Dick is. Dazzle and Bert have their GOML moments, but they still seem to understand that the game is enjoyable. Bert was saying "good for him" and all.

        Dick is just a fun sponge.

        1. I mostly listen to the radio, too. Based on the little bit of Bremer I've heard, though, I wonder if even likes baseball any more. He often sounds like broadcasting the games is just a job to him now, and not a job that he really likes very much.

    1. "Modern" baseball. First happened in '65 and the Twins did it in '68. Then happened twice in 2000. I hope Stanton finishes with 62 too.

      1. I know that, and I'm sure Dick does, as well. I'm just incredibly sick of the grousing regarding every facet of the way people play the game of baseball.

        1. I've not heard him talk about when Tovar did it, but others have:

    2. It's even worse that he's whining like crazy and then is excited that Glen Perkins gets to be brought into the game with two outs in the ninth to "let him finish a game at Target Field one last time."

    1. Perk asked for the ball as they were going to the dugout. Is that a sign he is hanging up the cleats?

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