38 thoughts on “December 5 (for real this time), 2017: Nicollet Mall”

  1. I had my best day of bowling of the season yesterday, and one of my best days ever. I had a 155, 176, 195 for a 526 series. I had some good luck, as I always do when I score well. Still, it's the first 500 series I've had this season, and one of a dozen or so I've had in my life.

  2. Everyone here probably knows this already, but I now can say first hand that concussions super suck. I fell and hit the back of my head while skiing on Black Friday, and am still laid up from it. At the time I didn't think I hit it all that hard, and I was wearing a helmet, but symptoms came on over then next hour or so.

    Even a week and a half out, my head hurts off an on all day, I have trouble concentrating, looking at a screen or reading is difficult, and any quick head movements lead to me feeling off and dizzy. And seeing as I need to be giving finals next week, then grading them and doing final grades, this is not the time of year for me to not be able to read or look at a computer screen for long periods of time.

    The doctor said I could hope that I would feel better by Christmas, but there's no way to know whether or not I actually will. It's so frustrating know that it could be like this for weeks, it could be for months, and nothing much to do other than (try to....) rest and wait it out.

      1. The timing is bad in that I need to get grades done for the students no matter what. The upside is the light at the end of the tunnel. Grades are due in 2 weeks, and once they're in, I'm off for weeks. If I can work around some scheduling issues, I may even be taking our winter term off, giving me 2.5 months off to rest and recuperate.

        I just keep reminding myself that it's bad now, but it will be over soon.

        1. Not sure if it would help with what you have to do, but you might consider some text-to-speech software to cut down on the screen time.

          1. Most of what I need to do right now is reading students’ assignments, but that could be helpful for writing adjunct evaluations in the next few weeks. Thanks for the idea.

    1. bah, concussions are for the weak. Next you’ll be taking about your stress reactions and your bi-lateral leg weakness. Now rub some dirt on it ang get back out there. /jk.

  3. So I was re-orged out of my job and today’s first day of unemployment. I did get severance so I’ll be fine paycheck wise though February. Besides job search and networking, I’m going to do stuff around the house and exercise. Reading and movies too. It least I’m not on the roads today.

    1. Best of luck. Hope you find something much to your liking.

      Also, I'm looking for someone for about 10 hours a week if you want to drive down... ? 😉

        1. Given at least half of it is just being a physical presence in the office when I'm at court... probably not.

    2. The Milkmaid is still on the hunt. She was in the final two for a very good job with Thomson Reuters but hasn’t been called back in a week, sooooo...she probably finished in second place.

      May you and she both find something soon.

  4. I see that Black Mirror Season 4 is coming out. Looks like some interesting episodes.

    Anyone else here ever finish up through Season 3?

    1. I’d pay handsomely to see Dessa. Not having to is icing on the cake.

      I’d like to see The Revolution but I can’t decide if that would be awesome or just heartbreaking since never seeing Prince live is one of my biggest regrets.

    1. That is interesting, I agree with the decision to cut the amount of comps.

      Wonder if the team uses a system like the Wolves (Flash Seats) that also allows them to put a cost floor on the secondhand market.

  5. 14th ranked Gophers bball (men) trailed by as many as 20, and are going to lose to a Nebraska program that has been terrible since forever (6 NCAA Tournament appearances, 0 wins, best conference finish: T-1st ... in 1949 ... in the Big 7!!!) ... le sigh.

    1. The refs were terrrrrible, especially in the first half . Seemed like everytime the Gophs drove the lane no foul, but Gopher sneeze on defense and its a foul.

      That said, the Gophs laid an egg.

      (addendum: I hate the "blame the refs " game. But man they were stinky)

    2. And now the Wild give up 4 unanswered goals on 8 shots in the 3rd, lose to the Kings 5-2. Round in the Wolves loss to Memphis last night, and I’d say it was a very “Minnesota professional sports” day (24 hours).

        1. It's "Substantially Complete" as promised. Maybe a week or two late (the signs said "Substantially Complete by November").

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