29 thoughts on “June 13, 2018: Trash Panda”

  1. If you’re ever on your way through Richmond, do yourself a big favor and stop at Mama J’s. I sat at the bar, but other than that, it really felt like dinner with the best cook in your family. I grew up eating plenty of catfish on the river, and the state where I live now certainly knows how to fry fish, but Mama J’s served me the best fried catfish I’ve ever had. A perfectly seasoned & crisp crust enclosed tender, moist filets. My side of candied yams was excellent. My buddy Nick’s fried chicken — wow. Crunchy, juicy, & just a touch greasy. The strawberry cake was a bit of a let down (the Beauty Shop in Memphis might’ve ruined me on strawberry cake for life), but I couldn’t eat more than a couple bites at Mama J’s, and didn’t dig in on my slice until stopping for the night in Rocky Mount.

  2. Hello again.

    Two days in a row. BOOM!

    There's some GIS jobs open with the State. Anyone got any contacts at MNIT or MnDOT that I might be able to network with?

    1. If I ever get into a situation like I got into this past Saturday night (out at the bar when my way too drunk neighbor allegedly punched someone in the face and I ended up being the umpire up there to Terry Collin's drunk guy, except that drunk guy and his friends were trying to punch my neighbor), I'm gonna start it off with "Terry, get a handle".

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