32 thoughts on “Game 122: tigers @ twins”

  1. Watching the game at Target Field- grandstand seats are impressively high. A couple pop flies almost got up to my eye level.
    My group has decided the Twins need more runners on base when we hit homeruns.

    1. Game Score will punish pitchers for each hit allowed. I'm not sure if it punished you more for home runs, but 3 home runs allowed would really kill your FIP. IIRC, Game Score doesn't give you bonuses for IP until after 5 IP, so there would be almost no difference between 5.1 IP and 2.2.

      1. MLB uses Tango's version of game score so there are different weights to fit better with the modern game and what we learned about BABIP.

  2. I'm going by the printed play-by-play, but it seems like a really quick hook for Stewart. It's not the seventh game of the World Series. How's he going to learn if you pull him every time he gives up a couple of runs?

    1. He did a highwire act in the first inning and the 3rd was not going well. Molitor was right to pull him and try to not allow the Tiger to score 10 runs that inning.

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