21 thoughts on “August 19, 2018: Wake Up, Sleepyhead”

  1. the tweeters machine exploded this morning: Erv to the DL, Booze up, Grossman up, Field optioned, Gonsalves going to start tomorrow (I assume a corresponding move to come)

  2. Wish I'd been paying closer attention -- I think Atteberry said Cave is the third twins player with a 4-letter last name to hit a HR into CATCH? Or was it the last three Twins position players with a 4-letter last name have hit a HR into CATCH?

  3. dinner tonight: another Vietnamese-inspire salad.

    Rice vermicelli, soaked in boiling water to soften, then drained and chilled.
    chopped lettuce
    various veg cut into matchsticks or slightly larger sticks (I had red pepper, cucumber, carrot, pickled carrot (I quick-pickled these earlier today in boiling-hot vinegar with salt and sugar and pickling spices added), steamed and chilled green beans, jalapeno)
    nuoc cham (I only used a couple tablespoons of water -- instead going heavy on lime and lemon juices and fish sauce, plus some palm sugar vinegar, but seriously, this will change your life it is so good)
    crushed peanuts, julienned basil/thai basil/mint and some cilantro if you can get away with it
    leftover grilled pork chop, cut into very thin slices against the grain (or freshly grilled shrimp, or whatever you like)

    Use a deep bowl for each salad. Assemble: lettuce, then rice noodles, then veg (I do clumps of each around the bowl, then protein, then garnish. Pour over nuoc cham to taste (maybe a quarter cup per serving).

    oh, mama.

    1. We've been doing something similar, though the protein has been medium rare lemongrass flank steak bits. Fried shallot on top ... makes for a really satisfying dinner when it's a million degrees outside.

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