Game 131 — Twins at Cleveland

If it's Tuesday must be another series against the soon to be 2018 Central Division Champion Cleveland Baseball Club, Inc. With the Twins' Tragic Number at 18, it's now all about playing the string out for the home town squad; maybe checking in on some prospects and ideas for 2019.

Gibby on the mound for the Twins. He's been decent this year, although his last start, not so much. Same could be said for Cleveland's Carlos Carrasco. Game time at 6:10p.

24 thoughts on “Game 131 — Twins at Cleveland”

    1. Are you trying to tell me that two strikeouts, a solo homer, and another strikeout might not be the best way to score multiple runs?

  1. I have to think that Joe is the leading active hitter vs. the Indians. The only other off the top of my head was MIguel Cabrera, and even though he has quite a few more hits, they both are sitting around 234 hits against the tribe.

    1. Likewise. Corey is a legitimately good anchor, and Gladden's come a long, long ways from the Gordon days. They have great chemistry. Just give them the television broadcasts, while you're at it.

  2. I'm on radio, but unless he had the guy dead to rights, I'm fine with Sano getting the out at first.

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