32 thoughts on “September 24, 2018: He Gone”

    1. Forecast calls for clouds here, but last night was pretty danged close to full and the moon was brilliant and red and orange and was great t have a fire and make Smores.

    2. Last night while walking home from the park, the peperoncino and I saw an AMAZING moonrise. I tried to take a photo with my phone, knowing it would turn out terribly, and it did, indeed, turn out terribly.

  1. Tiger Woods is officially back. Watched a much of his final round yesterday as the purple were unwatchable. I have never been a big fan of Tiger, especially with the nasty off the course issues he had. However, I could not help rooting for him yesterday. 95% of the talking heads said he would never win again. They were wrong.

    1. I really, really wanted to watch it. The GOAT making a triumphant comeback? Yes, please.

      Was never a huge fan, but I want him to at LEAST break the total wins record, now that the majors one is (probably) out of reach.

  2. So, I fly to Omaha soon, and will be giving a dry run presentation this afternoon ahead of the official presentation to several people tomorrow morning. I'm not a comfortable public speaker, but the Powerpoints are concerning the stuff I've been working with for the past 25+ years so at least I know the material. We'll see... :/

      1. Right. Had ~dozen for the dry run, and it went alright. 42 minutes, so there's even time for some questions. Plus it's at 11AM, so people will want to get going to lunch, too.

  3. Thanks to those that have already backed the game. We’re still in a holding pattern, more or less, with many people committed to backing but not doing it yet (I do have a very large number of followers already, who have signed up for reminders to back the game).

    If you’re thinking of helping out, or getting drawn into the game, the page is at this link. Lots of sample art, full rules and art samples there as well.

    eschapp - fixed the link so it now opens

      1. It runs until October 18th. Right now I’m stumping for more early backers because once campaigns hit certain thresholds they tend to blow up. I’m still confident(ish) despite having a long way to go, since so many people have signed up for reminders to back, but I probably won’t be calm again until it’s done.

        In any case, all money is collected on the 18th regardless of pledge date.

  4. Mike Berardino leaving the PiPress to go cover Notre Dame football. Dang, he was my favorite Twins beat reporter.

    1. It's probably not that rare of a combination now with 6 divisions in MLB, but I guess it's just been rare for the Twins to finish second. Both the Angels and Marlins did it last year.

    2. I just noticed that the A's, who are currently the second AL wildcard team, would have the best record in the NL. The NL champ is going to be a big underdog in the World Series. There's a slight chance that the AL could have 4 teams with 100+ wins. The A's would have to win their final 6 games to do it. Yankees are at 95 wins and the Astros are at 98. Red Sox already have 105.

  5. We got home today via long drive / flight / annoyance with spirit airlines passengers (think bus with wings), and both of us had to attend workshops for work. I went to a class on CNC routing, and it was awesome. Dr.Chop went to a talk about racism in the classroom. Good info, but not an awesome experience. I get home to a humid as all get out house and notice that the thermostat reads LO. I replace the batteries, but no change. Turns out it's reading a LOw temperature in the house and won't turn on the ac. It's fucking roasting in my house at the moment, and the internets have been no help whatsoever.

      1. Hard reset involved prying the unit off the wall, removing batteries, digging around the circuit board for a reset switch, and waiting 15 minutes. Done and working again. Next step is buying a nest.

  6. Just back from dinner with The Boy and some old friends from grad school in LA (he's a UCLA Prof, she's CFO at KTLA).

    We went to The Stalking Horse near their house in/around Century City. Excellent brewpub. I can't believe I am saying that about LA, but it is true. You can now get very good, local craft Brew in LA. Also, the food was tasty and reasonable. The Boy and I both had the lamb and apricot pie. She had an Impossible Burger, he the chicken pot pie (iirc). All winners.

    We had a dark English mild on cask (mmmmhmm), a porter (good but not memorable, hefe (top notch), nitro Irish Stout (v. Good) and a Scottish strong ale (v. Good).

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