12 thoughts on “2018 Home Stretch: W.SOX @ MNTwins”

  1. Berríos started today at 193 strikeouts. The last Twins pitcher to reach 200 was Liriano in 2010. The next highest was Hughes in 2014 at 186. The Twins have once had more than a single pitcher reach 200 strikeouts. If I lower the minimum to a very arbitrary 160, this season ranks second in number of pitchers (3).

  2. Chase De Jong with his first MLB win. Trey's junior high baseball head coach (and Junior's senior high pitching coach) knows Chase and his family. I guess his Mother-in-Law and Chase's mom have been good friends for many years. Trey's coach and I were at their school's football game tonight while Chase was pitching. I was announcing and he was sitting next to me doing the scoreboard. After Chase got the win, he was sending Chase texts to congratulate him. It was pretty cool to be a part of that moment even if it was on the periphery.

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