Game 161: white Sox @ twins

I believe that this is the end for Joe Mauer's time as a major league ball player.

That's sad, but let's put it this way... Being drafted number one overall is A HUGE pressure on an athlete, and it's a pressure that the vast majority of those picked fail to live up to. Mauer didn't. Of those drafted with the number one pick, Mauer is fourth all time in rWAR. The names he's behind (Griffey, Chipper, and A-Rod) are hall of fame locks. No one currently playing looks to catch up with him anytime soon (Price and Upton seem like they're slowing down, and I have my doubts about Harper).

We've gotten to see one of the truly great players of a generation, and he was local, and he was ours the whole way. I'm not ready for the second to last member of that 2006 team to move on, but it's been a heck of a run.

Also, there's an actual game today! Gibson gets one last shot at ten wins. He's been a pleasant surprise this year. I hope he gets it, and I hope he's able to carry over this success into next year, when we'll hopefully need it to challenge Cleveland.

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  1. I'm catching the end of the Dodgers/Giants game before switching to the Twins. Dodgers lead 6-5 in the top of the ninth, and their radio guys are acting like they've already got it won.

      1. Unless the Dodgers collapse in the bottom of the ninth there won't be a play-in game, but there still could be a tie for either the NL Central or the NL West title. Do they play that off, or do they use a tie-breaker?

  2. Switched to the Twins just in time to hear the Cave-man hit a two-run double and put the Twins ahead!

  3. I didn't mention it yesterday when he got pulled for lollygagging on his single in game one, but Avisail García is really, really lazy.

  4. Molitor apparently is planning on being back next year, and says he wants to keep his entire coaching staff. I suppose he'd have to say that, anyway, at this stage. I don't really have any strong feelings about it, so what do you guys think?

      1. Littell goes tomorrow, so the laughter may be coming from the other dugout. On the other hand, Sox probable Dylan Covey hasn't done much better. It may be a 13-12 game. Or, since it's baseball, it may be 1-0.

    1. True. I would think, though, that a good last game would give you a more positive feeling going into the off-season.

  5. Gladden says that, having seen Forsythe, he thinks the Twins will want him back next year. Since coming over to the Twins, he's batted .256 with an OPS of .644. Those numbers are substantially better than what he did with the Dodgers, but still not very good. I suppose he's not the worst second baseman in the league, but if the Twins are serious about contending they need to try to do better than that.

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