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Game 158: Detroit at Minnesota

Liriano vs. TBD*

Opener/Primary or Starter. It may not matter much - Twins bullpen gonna "baseball" like Twins bullpen - For Sept.: sporting a 5.20 ERA & 1.415 WHIP and their lowest SO/BB of any month this season at 1.98.

In other "news" ... as I told eschapp, "I hope this isn't the end."

  • Mauer trails Puckett by only 00.1 in career Offensive WAR (52.9 to 53 & 4th and 3rd respectively) in Twins** history,
  • Mauer trails Eddie Yost by only .001 in career OBP (.388 to .389 & 5th and 6th respectively) in Twins** history.

source: https://www.baseball-reference.com/teams/MIN/leaders_bat.shtml

*Drafted on Wed., so this is probably determined by now.

**Includes Senators

Game 28: red sox @ twins

Well, wasn't that something? I turned off the game in the 7th, because my wife wanted to watch a movie (The new Bourne movie, or, as I like to call it, Very Serious People Walking Quickly), so.... yeah.

I won't be missing today's game, though, because I'm stuck at work on this beautiful day, and I brought my walkman. So I imagine I'll get to finally hear a little bit about this kerfuffle between Boston and Baltimore that no one seems to want to have an opinion about.

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Game 24: tigers @ twins

If you ignore the crazy awful 0-9 start, the Twins are a .500 team. That seems about right. It's disappointing to be staring at a 7-16 team, but I would guess that it'll even out quite a bit over the course of the season.

Also, the Twins might be getting below average production from almost every spot in their lineup, but one position hasn't been a problem...

Rk 1B

JMIVGABB, indeed. He's gotten on base in every game so far, and has gotten on base twice in 14 of them.

Today, Tyler Duffey will try to provide some stability in what has suddenly become a topsy turvy rotation. Remember when everyone was wondering where Duffey and Berrios were going to fit, and who was going to falter first? Yeah. Good times.

Twins on Leaderboards

Batting Average - Núñez - 10th (.382) *
On Base Percentage - Mauer - 1st (.451) *
Games Played - Mauer & Sano - t-10th (23)
Plate Appearances - Dozier & Mauer - t-7th (102) *
Triples - Suzuki, Núñez, Buxton & Mauer - t-8th (1)
Bases on Balls - Mauer - 2nd (20)
Bases on Balls - Sano - 4th (16)
Strikeouts - Sano - 2nd (22)
Stolen Bases - Núñez t-5th (5)
Singles - Mauer & Núñez t-10th (18)
Runs Created - Mauer- t-9th (18)
Times on Base - Mauer - 1st (46)
Hit By Pitch - Núñez - t-2nd (3)
Sacrifice Bunts - Rosario & Murphy - t-1st (2)
Sacrifice Bunts - Dozier, Duffey, & Buxton - t-7th (1)
Intentional Walks - Mauer - 1st (5)*
Intentional Walks - Escobar & Rosario - t-9th (1)
Caught Stealing - Núñez & Santana - t-7th (2)
AB/K - Mauer - 9th (8.9)
AB/HR - Park - 8th (12.4)
Outs Made - Dozier - t-7th (74)*

  • Núñez' batting average adjusted down to .323 by adding outs required to qualify in plate appearances.
  • This would be Mauer's highest OBP ever. At present, he's over 40 points ahead of second place.
  • Mauer has been on base 17 times more in the same number of plate appearances. Move Dozier down in the batting order until he gets things figured out.
  • Five intentional walks. For the guy batting before Sano. Wow.
  • In the same number of plate appearances, Mauer has made 57.

WHIP - Nolasco - 4th (0.904)
BB/9 - Nolasco - 2nd (0.976)
BB/9 - Hughes - 10th (1.780)
Games Pitched - Fien - t-3rd (12)
Games Started - Hughes - t-1st (5)Complete Games - Hughes - t-1st (1)*
Hits Allowed - Hughes - t-10th (32)
K/BB - Nolasco - 2nd (8.000)
Losses - Hughes - t-1st (4)
Losses - Gibson & Jepsen - t-7th (3)
Wild Pitches - May t-1st (4)
Wild Pitches - Perkins, Milone, Santana, & O'Rourke - t-10th (2)
Hit By Pitch - Gibson - t-9th (2)

  • Hughes' "complete game" was the rain-shortened 6 inning game. He's one of 6 pitchers (only 2 in the AL) credited with a complete game so far.

The only pitcher doing much in the way of positivity right now is Ricky Nolasco.


Makes sense.

Game 23. Detroit at Minnesota. 7:10pm.

The NFL started its THREE DAY draft yesterday. 3 days to go through 8 rounds. The over coverage of every slightest bit of smoke GMs send out (99% of it is false info) gets blasted on ESPN. One tries to tune out the sports nets, but it gets filtered trough social media. Its all very annoying. Am I'm saying this as a person who still likes to watch football (although my fandom is waning the older I get). I do dislike everything else that surrounds the game.

Why am I bringing this up? I am very happy that baseball's draft hasnt become this huge spectacle of banality. I get heavy coverage of the first round, and to an extent the second (its where the bigger contracts are offered) but after that, its just a bunch of names and the hope that a few of them sign to fill out minor league rosters and hope you hit a gem.

This is all a half formed idea, but it comes down to this : I really dislike draft coverage of all sports.


On to the game.  If you take out the 0-9 start to the season, the Twins are 7-6. Thats not bad! Most games have been watchable (although heart pounding and clenched teeth when the Twins have a lead late and the bullpen starts to come in). Maybe the Twins can claw their way to .500 by the 4th of July.

I am also very happy Joe Mauer is back to Joe Mauer Super Baseball Player . Coming into the game he is leading the American League in OnBasePercentage (.459) and is just off the leaderboard in OPS (.907).

Game 17: old senators @ new senators

   f ,mc=][[RAC - Ba

Caleb wrote that.  What he lacks in sound analysis, he makes up for with sheer exuberance.

With the season one tenth done already, we press on, hoping that the second tenth is better than the first.

It's our annual "outside chore day", so I don't have much time to put this together, so no Twins on Leaderboards. Suffice to say, Mauer ha looked a lot like his old self, Sano is heating up, and Nolasco has already provided more value this year than his first two seasons combined.

Hughes vs. Roark. Let's put last night behind us.

Game 71: Twins @ Clevelanders

Walters vs. Kluber

I've got a bad feeling about this one. The high-strikeout, low-walk pitchers seem to be eating our lunch this season (anecdotal. no facts or proof to back this up.)

Maybe the Twins will surprise us, though. After all, they do still have Joe Mauer on the team. As you'll see in a moment, he's pretty good at baseball.

Twins on Leaderboards

rWAR - Mauer, 8th (3.3)
rWAR, Position Players - Mauer, 5th (3.3)
Offensive rWAR - Mauer, 4th (2.9)
Defensive rWAR - Florimon, 2nd (1.9) (!??)
Batting Average - Mauer, 4th (.328)
OBP - Mauer, 3rd (.410)
OPS - Mauer, 7th (.902)
Hits - Mauer, t-8th (88)
Doubles - Mauer t-2nd (23)
Triples - Hicks, Dozier, and Escobar, t-10th (2)
Bases on Balls - Mauer & Willingham, t-8th (37)
OPS+ - Mauer, 6th (149)
Times on Base - Mauer, 5th (125)
Hit By Pitch - Willingham, 1st (12)
Hit By Pitch - Plouffe, t-4th (5)
Sac Flies - Morneau, t-4th (5)
Intentional Walks - Mauer, t-6th (5)
Caught Stealing - Dozier, t-2nd (5)
SB% - Florimon, t-9th (87.5%)

BB/9 - Correia, 2nd (1.325)
Games Played - Duensing, t-4th (35)
Games Played - Fien, t-6th (34)
Saves - Perkins, t-5th (18)
Home Runs Allowed - Correia, t-5th (15)
Hits Allowed - Correia, 3rd (102)
Earned Runs Allowed - Pelfrey, 6th (48)
Wild Pitches - Roenicke, t-7th (6)
Games Finished - Perkins, t-6th (25)

Game 39: Red Sox @ Twins

Well, they're back in last place again (then again, in the rough and tumble AL Central, that's not as bad a thing as it might otherwise appear).

After golf on Thursday, a group of people were sitting around talking about baseball, when the subject of Joe Mauer came up. I was expecting the worst, but the near universal consensus was that we're watching a Hall of Famer do Hall of Fame-y things. The couple dissenters were looked upon with a sort of cocked eyebrow pity. I got the sense that maybe all isn't lost. There are people - even those who aren't so statistically inclined - who can see that Minnesota's in the midst of watching one of the very best to ever play his position.

Those that can't see that? Well, they can choke on their own tongues when Joe is inducted into the Hall of Fame as they lie and say they were with him every step of the way.

Diamond vs. Dempster today (I didn't realize Dempster has been around as long as he has). Hopefully, Diamond bounces back from his last start (5 2/3 innings, 6 runs on 3 home runs), while Dempster expands upon his (5 innings, 6 runs on 3 home runs).

Twins on Leaderboards

rWAR (position players) - Mauer, 5th (2.0)
Batting Average - Mauer, 3rd (.349)
OBP - Mauer, 3rd (.431)
OPS - Mauer, 7th (.931)
Hits - Mauer, t-7th (51)
Doubles - Mauer, 3rd (16)
Triples - Dozier, t-5th (2)
RBIs - Morneau t-10th (28)
Bases on Balls - Willingham, t-3rd (25)
Bases on Balls - Mauer t-10th (21)
OPS+ - Mauer, 6th (157)
Runs Created - Mauer, t-4th (33)
Times on Base - Mauer, 4th (72)
Hit By Pitch - Willingham, 1st (6)
Hit By Pitch - Plouffe, t-4th (4)
Sacrifice Hits - Dozier, t-9th (2)
Sac Flies - Morneau, t-1st (4)
Sac Flies - Doumit, t-4th (3)
Intentional Walks - Mauer, t-4th (3)
GIDP - Dozier, t-9th (6)
Caught Stealing - Dozier, t-3rd (3)

Joe Mauer. Good at baseball? You decide.

BB/9 - Correia, 4th (1.342)
Games Pitched - Fien, t-3rd (20)*
Games Pitched - Burton, t-9th (19)
Saves - Perkins, 7th (8)
Games Started - Worley, t-1st (9)
Hits Allowed - Worley, 2nd (72)
Hits Allowed - Correia, t-10th (58)
Losses - Worley & Pelfrey, t-7th (4)
Earned Runs - Worley, 8th (31)
Games Finished - Perkins, 7th (14)

* I would expect (injury excepted of course) Fien to be high on this list at season's end.