FMD 11/9/18: Wedding Music

I'm going to a wedding this weekend. So let's talk wedding music. What's good for a first dance? Father/Bride dance? What song do you have a piano version played of as people are waiting in the church after the ceremony (if you did the church thing). What goes on the do-not-play list for the DJ? Etc.

Not too long ago I was at one where there was a version of "She Drives Me Crazy" played as people were milling about. That was... fun? We supposedly had our pianist play Linus and Lucy after the ceremony, but I wasn't around to hear it, so... I still haven't gotten confirmation on that.

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  1. 01. "Everybody Works" – Jay SomEverybody Works
    02. "33 Nihilistic and Female" – E.M.A.Exile In The Outer Ring
    03. "Messing Around" – Bobby Owens & The DiplomatsEccentric Soul: The Tragar & Note Labels
    04. "Sonnet" – Hundred WatersHundred Waters
    05. "Romeo and Juliet" – Indigo GirlsRites Of Passage
    06. "Real Men" – MitskiLUSH
    07. "Long White Line" – Sturgill SimpsonMetamodern Sounds In Country Music
    08 "New York" – St. VincentMASSEDUCTION
    09. "Jo" – Haley HeynderickxI Need To Start A Garden
    10. "Night Still Comes" – Neko CaseThe Worse Things Get, The Harder I Fight, The Harder I Fight, the More I Love You

      1. I've gone through this album a few times, but it still hasn't grabbed me like the last one did. I should pull it out again though because I should be more familiar with any musician that follows me on social media.

  2. 1. Time--Alan Parsons Project
    2. Will It Go Round In Circles--Billy Preston
    3. Peace of Mind--Boston
    4. For a Dancer--Jackson Browne
    5. More Than I Can Say--Leo Sayer
    6. You've Got a Friend--James Taylor
    7. Can't Smile Without You--Barry Manilow
    8. One Step Up--Bruce Springsteen
    9. Every Day--James Taylor
    10. The City of New Orleans--Arlo Guthrie

    1. In my head, the 70s was about 30 years ago so it's always weird to consider that "Will It Go Round In Circles" (still a banger) is actually almost 50 years old.

  3. * Come On Baby, Let's Go Downtown - Neil Young & Crazy Horse - Tonight's the Night
    * Hunter - Portishead - Third
    * Rx Queen - Deftones - White Pony
    * Everlong - Foo Fighters - The Colour and the Shape
    * Rose Mountain - Screaming Females - Rose Mountain
    * Nobody's Fault But Mine - Led Zeppelin - Presence
    * That's Not Really Funny - Eels - Souljacker
    * Third Eye - Tool - AEnima
    * Ruiner - Nine Inch Nails - The Downward Spiral
    * A Little More for Little You - The Hives - Tyrannosaurus Hives

    Huh, not a lot of new things there -- Nothing from the last ten years except Screaming Females (2015).

    My current listening obsession -- Aizuri Quartet, their debut album Blueprinting is pretty great.

    1. Nothing from the last ten years except Screaming Females (2015).

      Given the current makeup of my iPod (44.5% of the songs from the last 10 years), I put the probability of getting a random 10 with only 1 song from the last 10 years at ~2% (assuming absolute randomness).

  4. Nibbish, I spent more time with mewithoutYou's new album this week. It felt like it was very much a record I would expect from them, but I haven't found that one song that grabs me.

    "Tortoises All the Way Down" is good, "[dormouse sighs]" is good, otherwise I have been OK with it.

  5. 1. Aaron Dilloway & Tom Smith “Untitled X” The Dutch Viruses
    3. Neneh Cherry “Devotion”* Feel It CDS
    4. Lykke Li “I Follow Rivers” Wounded Rhymes
    5. Aaliyah feat. Timbaland “We Need a Resolution” Aaliyah

    6. Kleerup feat. Marit Bergman “3am”* Kleerup
    7. The Beach Boys “Caroline No” Pet Sounds
    8. Alfred Deller “The Wraggle Taggle Gypsies”* The Wraggle Taggle Gypsies — Folk Songs and Ballads of Elizabethan England
    9. Sarah Davachi “Evensong” Gave in Rest
    T. Dj Mayonnaise “Fisbys Tavern”* 55 Stories
    E. Will Oldham “Stable Will (Live at the Lounge Ax 11/17/1994)” Guarapero: Lost Blues 2

    3. Produced by Tricky. BTW, I'm enjoying Cherry's new album more than I did the previous.

    6. Not a lot of songs with "Newfoundland" in the lyrics, especially once we exclude music written by Canadians.

    8. Theme song from the BBC series "Posh Nosh". At 3 minutes 12 second, it goes on about 2 minutes more than I can usually handle.

    T. I was looking for room on my iPod. This is a good candidate for removal. This album was so much better in memory. Each song follows almost the same formula, same tropes. Weird speech sample to introduce, then beats, then bring the same snippet of speech back in over beats, then scratch the sample. Repeat.

  6. The music during our wedding ceremony were all hymns, but I know that a piano instrumental of Diana Ross's "If We Hold On Together" was used as prelude music. Yes, from The Land Before Time. EAR's suggestion.
    I think there was a John Denver song in the prelude as well. "Annie's Song"? EAR was just lucky I hadn't run into

    First dance was Peter Gabriel's "In Your Eyes" (feat. Youssou N'Dour). EAR knew it from Say Anything, which she showed me when we started dating. I knew it from So*.
    The rest of the wedding dance included songs from Busta Rhymes, Stardust, Johnny Cash, Moloko, Outkast, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Fatboy Slim, Ozomatli, House of Pain, Cherry Poppin' Daddies, and Jay-Z, a polka medley, more country I couldn't recognize, more nü-swing, some vintage swing, and the "Little Birdie Dance". I can't remember if either of Mr. Oizo's "Flat Beat" or "No Day Massacre" made the final list.
    We more or less created the entire playlist and EAR's uncle (who donated use of his soundsystem) burnt mix CDs from our CDs and had few selection options (he added a few things, like some pre-dance milling-around stuff, and a snippet of Tone-Lōc's "Wild Thing")
    EAR opposed the money dance, and I didn't care one way or the other.

    *Weird, on reissues of that album, it's been moved to the last track, after the Laurie Anderson duet "This Is the Picture (Excellent Birds)". I don't know if I would like that sequencing.

    1. We had a combination of hymns and classical music, plus "Of the Father's Love Begotten" which is actually a Christmas hymn. First dance was Everly Brothers' "Let It Be Me" and our only instructions to the reception DJ was "no Madonna"

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