Twins 2019 Game 4 — Twins at Royals

So the Twins 2019 season has gotten off to a nice start with three strong pitching performances and taking two from the dreaded Clevelanders of Cleveland. Now the Twins travel on an extended road trip so that we can watch future games at Target Field in non-parka weather.

Jose Berrios on the mound tonight coming off a 7.2 inning, 2 hit, no run, 10k effort. More of that please. Twins play the Kansas City Royals who also won two of three at home from a division rival (White Sox). Brad Keller on the mound for the Royals who had similar numbers as Berrios in his first outing, but with half the strikeouts.

First pitch at 7:15p Central, weather should be pleasant with game time temps in the 50’s.

Twins lineup:

RF Kepler
SS Polanco
DH Cruz
LF Rosario
1B Cron
3B Gonzalez
2B Schoop
C Castro
CF Buxton

124 thoughts on “Twins 2019 Game 4 — Twins at Royals”

  1. I see by the royals third baseman that they are at that point in franchise mode where the computer just combines the names of two current players together.

      1. Gonzalez's second attempt at a running throw to first was much better, so you may be right.

  2. Nelson Cruz does get hit by pitches a lot. Fourteen times last year, twelve the year before.

    1. I'd be pretty wary about throwing up and in too much to a guy that big and strong.

    2. He hits with power to the opposite field so well, I think teams feel they have to throw inside a lot to keep him "honest," which tends to lead to a lot of hbps.

  3. Kepler overslides for the third out on a base he had stolen. The little things are killing us tonight.

  4. Tie game! Maybe it's because I did the 1969 rewind, but I've gotten to appreciate aggressive baserunning. Obviously you can take it too far--running into outs is no fun. But it's great to see when it works.

  5. It wont count as a stolen base, but Rosario stole that run with headsy baserunning

  6. Berrios doesn't seem to have very good command of his pitches tonight. Lots of pitches up and over the middle.

    1. He was referring to a pitch down the middle to Cruz 3-0, but it still was amusing to me.

      1. Catcher was set outside the strike zone, ball curled back over the plate. Dont know why they didnt IBB him with first base open.

  7. I didn't expect Cruz to get anything but breaking balls down and away. That must have been a mistake pitch.

  8. The kids are finally asleep. I got to be responsible for the one not throwing a fit, which was nice.

  9. So, I completed a 6 year expansion project tonight. If you’re in the big easy this weekend you should stop by to see my handiwork. Meanwhile I’ll be drinking myself to bed.

  10. I think there was a total of three pitches thrown in the stroke zone to those last three hitters.

  11. -Very mildly forbidden zone-
    Hey ch, congrats on not having Soglin around anymore.

  12. So, whiskey will get us (me) through. I’m not saying the twins will win this game, but booze will put me to bed.

    1. I'm off the booze for a few more weeks, but I might double up on my Percocet tonight.

    2. I got a bottle of Eagle Rare calling my name, but I've been cutting back during the week.

    3. Had a couple of very good coffee stouts at Zoomx's fine establishment as my dad and I lost many games of cribbage.

      Now I've moved on to domestic light.

        1. I am on a 10 minute countdown before I can have my nightcap after a long day of pouring beer for Nibbish and other fine folk.

    1. I told my dad about that stat tonight, and he just laughed. It's crazy how quickly Astudillo has become one of the fan favorites.

  13. I just read the ingredients in my 7-Up. It has no sugar, only high fructose corn syrup. This is how civilizations fail.

    1. I actually turned the game off because I was gonna go to bed, but just caught dick saying the home plate ump was overruling it. Glad I stuck around.

      1. I just don't like taking out Hildenberger after 3 pitches when the game is already in extra innings. Then, compound it with Parker's terrible first appearance...

  14. It occurred to me watching Cruz talking to Rocco in the dugout that the the manager is younger than one of the players he's managing. I imagine that doesn't happen a whole lot anymore.

    1. The only one I could think of was Andy Green, who got the Padres job at 38. Fernando Rodney, then 39, was the Friars’ closer that season.

      1. Terry Mulholland, Ellis Burks, and Omar Vizquel for Eric Wedge in Cleveland.

        Grant Balfour is just 24 days younger than Kevin Cash, so not quite.

      2. Heh. Eric Wedge was 35 when he got the job in Cleveland in 2003. Omar Vizquel was already 36. Vizquel was on the roster again the following season. Wedge was 39 in 2007, but Kenny Lofton, 40, played 52 regular season games for Wedge after a trade deadline deal sent him back to Cleveland from Texas.

  15. I can't believe they won this game. One of the most frustrating experiences I've ever had watching baseball.

  16. Down 4-3, I put in an episode of Game of Thrones (hey, this is a good show!). Episode ends, flip back to the game, 2 outs in the10th, pop up. Good way to do it.

  17. Every time Sterling Archer is pitching sandwiches, I can't help but listen.

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