2019 Game 72: Boston Red Sox at Minnesota Twins

So the game after "The Bunt heard around all 10,000 lakes." Will the Twins be able to put behind them one bad half inning of baseball? Will Jorge Polanco be dropped in the batting order as punishment? Will Max Kepler have to watch YouTube videos of Paul Molitor run the bases? (UPDATE: Kep not in lineup tonight... hmmmm) Most likely the Twins will demonstrate the resiliency they have all year and put together another good game of fundamental baseball and the smashing of home runs to thrill the hometown fans.

David Price on the mound for the Bosox, and while maybe not as dominant as in the past, he's pitched decently this year and has a good 10.5 So/9 innings stat. Price was terrible his last start giving up 6 runs in 1.1 innings to the Rangers. Hopefully Price rides that negative momentum into this game as well. Michael Pineda for the Twins and has shown signs of getting better lately, including a 2 hit, 1 run outing over 5.2 innings last week.

Buxton on IL, so I decided to honor him in the featured image. Get better my man.

Beautiful night for baseball, C'mon Twins, let's kill this 2 game losing streak. I'm going to Wednesday's game and don't want the fans all angsty tomorrow.

Twins Lineup
SS Polanco
C Garver
DH Cruz
RF Rosario
1B Cron
RF Gonzalez
3B Sanyo
CF Cave
2B Schoop

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  1. Dazzle brings up a good point: Jorge showed bunt the first pitch - if it had really given the dugout heartburn, he'd have heard something before the second pitch

    1. Baldelli said after the game he was fine with it, though there'd be a talk later.

      “He’s one of the best hitters in baseball,” Baldelli said. “I think you can always lean on taking your chances with him swinging the bat. But we all also trust our guys, where I’m not going to stand here and tell you I disapprove of the decision he made out on the field. In the heat of the game, he made a decision, and I support him.

      “We talk about these things all the time with our guys, and I’m sure we’ll talk about this one.”

  2. Just split a Boomstick with a friend in less than an inning, and it was glorious.

  3. On the plus side, this is two good outings in a row for Pineda, on the minus side , the assbats are back.

      1. I've been beating the "trade Sano before he strikes out too many times" drum since he got back. He's got holes in his swing as wide as the Mississippi.

    1. 2 runs in the past 11+ innings for the bullpen. The pen has not been the issue the last handful of games

  4. Picking Cron to go yard. I read the comments before I saw the score. You guys know it is a one run game right?

    1. Pineda pitched a good game tonight. Had Garver not been picked off third like a doofus, there’s a good chance it’s at least tied now.

      1. It’s not so much the lack of success they’re having at putting together a big inning, but playing themselves out of big innings that’s frustrating.

        1. This. So much this. They look like they're trying too hard, and making mistakes because of it.

      1. "News at 10" central timers.

        (truth be told, local news comes on at 10 here on some stations....)

    1. I feel like he's trying to hit it too hard, and he's pulling his head. He only ever has check swings (even on the balls he manages to take, he's loading big to swing hard) or he's swinging through and ends with his eyes facing way out to left, not watching the ball the whole way in.

      I suspect it's very much a "we're not trading your power for a little more average" kind of thing, because they have to be seeing that, and he's not changing his approach with 2 strikes.

    1. Does Buxton keep Garver from getting picked off 3rd with nobody out and help Sano lay off chin high fastballs for 4 strikeouts?

  5. Ok, let's get this over with, boys. Just jack a donger, Polanco. We wanna go to bed.

    1. it's 3-2 in the 13th. The bullpen has given up 2 runs in 7 innings of work. I'll cut them some slack. This game is on the offense. Again.

      1. Sigh....yeah. What has happened to all the bats?

        But the base running mistakes the last couple of nights are truly maddening.

  6. Littell and someone named Brian Johnson are the only pitchers left in the bullpens. Johnson has a 9.35 ERA, Littell is boasting an 11.37

  7. Feels like Cave should have figured out what was up there.

    Buxton seems to direct traffic quite well, if only because the other outfielders have to call for stuff if they ever want to catch anything.

  8. It's a shame, because Magill should be out of the inning, and have been out in time to go out for a third inning.

    Real nice K by Magill. Bullpen's done the job. Time for this good for nothing offense to start playing.

      1. I can’t remember the last time I saw an outfielder barehand on the play and not even tap the glove.

        1. One smooth motion with a cannon throw. It's going to get lost in the eventual result, since it didn't result in an out,but that's one of the best relays I've ever seen.

  9. There was a man in the land of Uz, whose name was Job; and that man was perfect and upright, and one that feared God, and eschewed evil.

      1. And Saint Atila raised the hand grenade up on high saying, 'Oh, Lord, bless this Thy hand grenade that with it Thou mayest blow Thy enemies to tiny bits, in Thy mercy.' And the Lord did grin, and people did feast upon the lambs, and sloths, and carp, and anchovies, and orangutans, and breakfast cereals, and fruit bats, and large —

  10. My knees hurt just thinking about Garver. Castro's starting the next couple games.

    Time to get another couple hours of sleep and see who's pitching when I wake up again.

  11. So Cora runs Velazquez out there for four innings, while Rocco goes through his entire relief core, though mostly limiting them to 1 inning. Who’s pen is better positioned for this evening’s game?

      1. 9 outs made so far for Martinez. This is probably going to end up as his worst day as a professional hitter.

        If Sano strikes out again... Then, yeah.

      1. I had to go back to work tonight. I put the game on in the office. When they tied it up in the 8th I thought about staying to watch the end. Glad I decided against that.

      2. I shouldn’t have started watching in the eighth. I came in from the yard after listening to the first seven on The Good Neighbor.

      1. Fair point. I went to bed in the 8th. Dog woke me up at about 12:30 to go outside and I thought about checking to see if they pulled it out or not, but decided to just go back to bed. I had no idea I could have watched another half a game.

        1. I went to bed during Trevor May's inning, and woke up for the last two innings -- fully expected to see an outcome one way or the other, and that the game was still going on wasn't even a consideration

  12. It was a good game, and it's a good team.

    Notice I'm not saying that it was a good decision. Six o'clock came early today.

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