69 thoughts on “July 11, 2019: Konbini

    1. I think konbini means “convenience store,” and thus these sandos are of the sort that can be procured at a mini-mart, or bodega, or whatever.

      1. They're both shorthands of "convenience store" and "sandwich" respectively. And it's not high cuisine or anything, but they're cheap, ubiquitous, and surprisingly tasty. American breads can't match the qualities of Japanese white bread, so that's the key to really capturing the experience at home.

          1. From the recipe linked below:

            The texture is pillowy soft and fluffy, and yet when you bite into it, it has a resilient bounce that gives it a pleasantly chewy texture, which makes it more substantial and satisfying than most sandwich bread. Because it’s often made using some milk, it has a rich flavor and tender moistness that makes it a pleasure to eat unadorned. Finally the lidded loaf pan it’s baked in, gives it a perfect square shape, which makes it well suited for making sandwiches

              1. Please do, and let us know how it goes.

                I love me some sandwiches, and had no idea there was a whole style of better white bread (I love this site). That potential excites me, but I'm sure I'm not finding some in the middle of nowhere.

      1. I went back and re-read your CSW post - great book and I like the dialogue around it. And just ordered Winter's Tale.

      1. by the way, this is a go-to guy if i'm looking for interesting asian themed recipes. especially if i want to do the more mass produced staples over there from scratch, like japanese curry.

      2. I guess I don't understand his comment about meat (in a pork recipe article) in which tenderness and flavor have an inverse relationship. Possibly applies somewhat to beef, but not really pork. Doesn't really apply to chicken as well. The dark quarters are most flavorful and most tender (when cooked properly). Otherwise, neat article and I am going to experiment with these sandwiches.

    1. Reusse likes to call out the "internet writers" but he is silent on the crap that Souhan puts out there.

    2. One of the things I noticed doing 1969 Rewind is that two-week road trips and two-week homestands were not at all uncommon at that time.

      1. Yup. Also a Detroit, Baltimore, Washington, NYC, Boston road trip is pretty compact. 15 road games in 16 days. There were probably doubleheaders, (easy to check I know, but doesn't take away from main point regardless).

          1. Really, would the Acela be a better or worse choice down the Atlantic for a swing to the Red Sox-Yankees-Orioles than a bus or plane?

  1. Has anyone else read "The Devil All The Time"? I just found out Netflix is making a movie of it starring Spider-man, Bucky Barnes, and the sparkly vampire from Twilight.

    But for real, the cast looks awesome.

    1. Don't know if it just my older computer, but either that salad or the picture itself is HUGE!

      1. embiggened photo. I just edited it down. Uploaded from my phone in a multi-step process (uploaded to Flickr, downloaded a smaller version of the file, then uploaded to the site -- because the original file is too big for the site to upload).

    1. Your house has some too I bet. With a pitched roof, you can scan the downspouts to find them.

      1. How would I separate it from the heavy layer of shingle?

        Star Trib ran a story last year about that guy, too. That picture might be the one taken at my place of employment. Big flat white-lined roof for him to hunt around on.

  2. Wowzers.

    Well that makes a second "we have a path to obtain so and so" that didn't work...

    1. Wow is right. Not enough basketballs for Harden and Westbrook to coexist, I would think.

      And if I didn't hate CP3's on-court personality so much, I might feel sorry for him. What a shit turn as his career winds down.

      Will they buy him out?

        1. I also cannot abide Chris Paul (no matter how much I laugh whenever he says "Kevin, where'd you get all them dimes?"), but if it meant losing Wiggins I would deal with it.

          So far, though, I am, uh, unimpressed with the new FO.

          1. The only reason I mention it, even in jest, is that those have to be nearly the two most unmovable NBA contracts these days. I could imagine that OKC would rather take a chance on a Wiggins wake-up call (best case scenario he has a good year and you flip him to some desperate team that can’t sign a max FA) or Wiggins tank commands them for a couple years and they can deal him to a team looking for an expiring contract and Paul is one of the few max contracts around that the Wolves could find to match up with Wiggins. Still seems like a long shot.

            Potentially this is just a bad time to try to unload Wiggins. Next summer there will be a lot fewer big FA available, so maybe it’s more likely someone gets desperate for a big move and they talk themselves into his potential. The year after that, he’ll be expiring and maybe you can find someone like Paul George looking to force his way out early in a max contract and Wiggins’ expiring plus picks helps the other team start their rebuild.

            1. The John Wall contract is way up there. But yeah, the best time to dump Wiggins was before offering that albatross. This team so badly needs new ownership.

  3. As beers go, a cold Leinenkugel Canoe Paddler kölsch is pretty refreshing. I may just have another.

    1. Will have to try that one. In terms of lighter drinking beers, I am partial to Kanu Pale Ale from Bent Paddle and Summer Crush Blonde Ale from Castle Danger. Had both over the past week and both are very refreshing, yet have a little character to them as well.

        1. Let me know if you want to barter some local beers. I could bring a few local brews down with me in a few weeks.

        2. I grabbed a mixed new Belgium 12pack today. We'll see how the passion fruit kolsch goes.

            1. It, surprisingly, wasn't. It was nice, crisp, and refreshing. The passion fruit was notable, but not dominate.

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