Game 93: Mets at Twins

The New York Metropolitans come to Target Field for a two-game interleague series. The Mets have had another disappointing season and signs are they may be dumping players at the deadline. Maybe Noah Syndergaard or Jacob DeGrom can change lockerooms before they move on from Minneapolis. Zach Wheeler, who was also probably on the trading block, goes on IR, so the Mets probably have no chance to trade him.

Steven Matz on the mound for the Mets and he's been not super great this year. Michael Pineda for the Twins and has been a 6 inning, 5 hit guy recently, which has been nice especially after a rough start to the season. Looks like a nice set up for a Twins win and hopefully sweep as the Athletics and Yankees line up for visits to Target Field later in the next 10 days.

Rain late afternoon but forecast looks like game will get in.

Twins Line up:

77 thoughts on “Game 93: Mets at Twins”

  1. This is the first Mets game I've attended. After today, the only teams I have not seen in person are the Dodgers and Phillies.

  2. Not exactly a promising start. Pineda's going to need to do some quality wiggling.

    1. The one thing he always does is wiggle. He is the fidgetiest pitcher I have ever seen.

  3. Good grief. Two pitches to the backstop already. One of them was scored a passed ball, but still. Let's wake up, boys. The game started.

  4. The Indians are beating up on Detroit again, so we're not going to get any help there.

  5. It seems like Eddie has had a ton of hard hit balls right at fielders this season.

  6. Who's in the booth with Dick? If I hear "big end of the bat" again I may switch to the Mets feed.

    1. I didn't have a lot of confidence in Castro against the lefty with 2 strikes. I do wonder why Cron never took off from third.

  7. They just had Simba Cam (parents holding up their children like at Pride Rock) between innings. Hilarious.

  8. I don’t think the boyos will go out with a whimper, but I’ll be disappointed if they do.

    1. I only tuned in to hear Cruz strikeout, Eddie get a hit, Cron fly out and Max follow Nelson’s example. Later checked the boxscore and, to my disappointment, saw that they didn’t do much more than that all game. 1-9 with RISP ain’t getting it done boys.

  9. Boomstick just needed to leave his elbow in harm's way and this would have been a win.

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