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  1. Arraez had to be thinking about that before the ball was ever hit. If he had hesitated, even a little, they wouldn't have gotten all three outs. And good job by Cory Provus, who said, "could be three" as soon as the ball was hit.

    1. I read an article this morning that confirmed that the infield was thinking triple play, considering the runners and the batter.

  2. I'm bummed that I missed something that awesome live, but I have been debating if I plan to watch any game of this series. I just find Twins-Yankees more stressful and frustrating (because history) than other series that it just seems like a better idea to read a book or something.

    1. I decided to Netflix with my wife from the 6th to the 8th just for my own blood pressure.

    2. I watch the games on MLB.tv usually after it's over. When Twins are behind by several runs, I'll usually skip the other team's at-bats because nothing good can happen then, really. I did the whole game like that last night because I just didn't want to watch Yankees batters against Twins pitchers (which for the most part wasn't good). I just happened to hear Dick mention something about the triple play in the bottom of the second inning, so I went back and watched the end of the top of the first inning. The only Yankees half inning that I watched was the ninth.

  3. Okay, a bit about the 2004 team HRs, the next in line to go down:

    • team leaders: Koskie 25, Jones 24, Hunter 23, Morneau 19, Ford 15, Cuddyer 12, Stewart 11, Blanco 10, Rivas 10
    • PH HR: LeCroy 4 (1), Bowen 1 (t5), Ford 1 (t5)
    • GS: LeCroy 1, Punto 1
    • 135 were against RH, 56 vs LH; Jacque's splits were 22/2, Koskie 20/5, and Morneau 16/3, while Hunter and Ford led with 8 vs LH
    • no inside-the-park HR this year
    • 89 HR at home, 102 on the road

    The 2004 team's home/road and RH/LH splits are a pretty good match to this year's team.

    1. Kuiper and Fosse were having a lot of fun talking about the "concrete drying out" during the series.

    2. I don't know what all is coming up in the top 30 of the "Bombas" sidebar list, but it's fun to note that the Twins have hit more HR this year than any Pittsburgh Pirates team in history (PIT team record = 171 HR in 1999).

      Next up is the San Diego Padres (team record = 189 HR in 2017).

      1999 seems like a long time ago to have a team HR record stand in the current era. Only 7 teams set their franchise high in HR before 2000.

      Oldest team HR records
      1963 (MIN)
      1987 (DET)
      1996 (BAL)
      1996 (OAK)
      1997 (SEA)
      1997 (COL)
      1999 (PIT)

      One of those sticks out a bit, doesn't it?

      1. When you think about it, the only one really makes sense on that list is Colorado, which was in Blake Street Bombers era of pre-humidor Coors Field. I guess the Tigers could make sense, too, given the difference between Tiger Stadium and their new ballpark, especially in those early years before they moved in the fences in 2014.

          1. For Mariners, Safeco is not nearly the HR park that the Kingdome was, so it would be very impressive for the M's to set a record this year that was set by Junior, Edgar and some kid shortstop in the Kingdome. Also, shows that this is a completely different era.

            1. Buhner & Griffey hit nearly 100 of those homers between them. Former Twins first baseman of the future Paul Sorrento finished third; between the three of them, they accounted for over 48% of Seattle’s homers.

  4. I got to practice removing a tire yesterday when Runner daughter noticed her car had a flat. Had a nail right through it, but I was pleased that some of my advice has been heeded over the years, and she had all the paperwork that showed they were still under warranty. Hopefully the new tire arrives soon so I can have my car back.

    1. The brakes I replaced on my car less than 2 months ago are squealing. And that tire is worn very differently than the other 3. I'm worried I've got a bearing or something out.

    1. Will they even broadcast the Twins' batting? I'm imagining that the cameras would focus just on the pitchers and fielders in the bottom of each inning.

      1. Just so long as we continue to avoid seeing Gardner’s sulking (& massively big, fat head) or Boone’s scowling ‘Savages’ face, I’m happy for us (and the out-of-towners).

      2. The game recap video from last night on MLB.com was so weird. When they would show a Twins highlight, they'd have John Sterling give the hitter's name, then switch to Dick. Also, John Sterling suuuuuucks.

        1. Oh, also weird (not that weird): Dick is unable to say Bomba. For him, its the Bumbas.

    2. FSN must have picked it up recently. They weren't scheduled to broadcast it sometime in May either.

  5. I finally got around to replacing the Camry last week, we got a 2008 Hyundai Santa Fe Limited with 133,000 miles on it. Silver with black and grey interior. It's got the 3.3 liter V6 so timing chains instead of belt, which is nice. Two owner vehicle, sold both times by Luther Bloomington Hyundai with a service record going back to the day it first left the lot. It's in really good shape except for a small dent and some scratching in the drivers side rear quarter panel. Most likely a parking lot swipe. I'm gonna have that fixed before winter. There are a few little projects I'm going to take on, but honestly I couldn't find much wrong with it. There's a blown speaker in the passenger side door that needs replaced (Infinity sound system, $80 bucks for a pair)) and is a perfect DIY job. It has a towing prep package so I'll be installing a trailer hitch and wiring, that's about a $200 job and a can of corn with four pre-drilled holes in the frame for the hitch and two sockets ready for the wiring harness to just plug right in. The wife would also like a remote starter. I'm considering doing that myself, but I see deals on Groupon for them all the time, generally about $150 for a one way and $250 or so for a two way, so I may farm that one out. Finally, there's no bluetooth in the vehicle and with the MN hands-free law I want to add that. There's a factory add-on option that replaces the sunglasses holder with a bluetooth unit, but they're kind of spendy. I've also heard you can retrofit a 2008 with a BT capable stereo from the 2010-2012 models, but it involves considerable splicing into the wiring harness and I'd prefer a simpler, cheaper solution, maybe an FM transmitter or something like that.

    1. Yes, the hands free law...I like to use car time for work call, but the ol '98 Lesabre isn't bluetooth friendly. I need to get a new earpiece or something. I usually use the standard-issue earpods (wired), but the law says you can only have one in, and it might be nice to get away from all the wires.

      1. When my wife told me about this new law, I was surprised. (I drive much less than she does.)

        I haven't asked her for fear of the answer, but are there rules about operating iPod nanos and related line-in devices? It doesn't really look like a phone.
        My car has an USB connection through which my iPod can operate using the controls on the steering wheel, but it's a pain in the butt. Clicking through tracks is like the remote-control channel surfing at the analog-to-digital transition.
        Which isn't good when a big reason for skipping tracks is non-euphonious sounds and/or curse words.

        1. Putting my lawyer suspenders on (yes, my pretend lawyer persona wears suspenders), the law doesn't address music devices specifically, but implies that using your phone for music in such a way as required holding the device for scrolling would be a violation. There are already laws about distraction, generally, so I would expect those would more directly apply to your iPod.

          1. Mostly done without looking while moving or while looking while stopped. The ability to operate without looking is why I never got one of those iPod Touches (which do look like phones, as they were iPhones without cellular).
            Hardest part is going to be not picking up phone when I'm at stoplight (which EAR tells me will now be verboten; I haven't done any research on this myself).

    2. We’re in the market for a new to us car as well. Looking at the rav4 / Mazda CX-5 as we need a vehicle that is a little bit elevated because New Orleans. If it were up to me we’d Uber or bike everywhere, but dr. Chop makes the good point that we’ll eventually need to evacuate because New Orleans.

      1. Check out Subaru Forester, highest ground clearance, standard bluetooth, good mileage, etc.

        1. I saw a newer Forrester the other day that, I think, was a sport version. It was black with some red trim and looked really sharp, although they look a whole lot bigger than they used to be. More importantly, though, at least Subaru is letting manuals live.

          (on a side note, I'm suuuuuper glad I bought a Focus with a manual right now. No problems with that transmission!)

      2. On the verge of selling our ‘09 RAV4 to my nephew - wife just picked up a brand new Subaru Ascent (it looks like a great vehicle, but don’t ask me if it is ... new vehicles are her domain), though I do get her “old” Outback (2015) in the deal.

        1. That car has been high on the list of what to get when we need more space for the youngest. Three in the Forester is snug.

    3. Re: bluetooth, the wife did the FM transmitter for a while. It worked okay in the Twin Cities but poorly out here. She bought a a new head unit for $60 from Crutchfield and paid an extra $25 for them to add a wiring harness for her car, a 2006 Acura. Getting the existing unit out was miserable but I eventually did and installing the new one was very simple thanks to the wiring already being done. They included instructions too.

  6. Cue stories about how the Twins are doomed against the Yankees in the playoffs. "Who's your daddy?"

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