Off-Day Distractions: The $700 Lineup Game

I'm stealing this from Sean McInhoe at The Athletic, but he did it with hockey, and I'm suggesting that we do it with baseball, so it's totally different.

We'll need a slightly bigger team, and a bigger budget due to the longer seasons, but we can make this work.

  • 10 players needed
    • 2 pitchers
    • 1 catcher
    • 1 first baseman
    • 1 second baseman
    • 1 third baseman
    • 1 shortstop
    • 3 outfielders (any combination of right/center/left)
  • $1 per game appeared in for whatever team you are signing the player to. (Example: The Phillies can sign Pedro Martinez for $9)
  • The team gets the full career WAR of that player (Pedro's 83.9 bWAR for $9 is a pretty good steal)
  • You can spend up to $700.

Here's my sample Phillies team. They're pretty stacked (Ryne Sandberg's 68 WAR for $13 didn't make the cut)

Pos Player Cost WAR
P Pedro Martinez $9 83.9
P Kid Nichols $21 116.1
C Benito Santiago $136 27.3
1B Jimmie Foxx $89 96.6
2B Joe Morgan $123 100.6
3B Tony Perez $91 54
SS Julio Franco $16 43.5
OF Hack Wilson $7 38.9
OF Hunter Pence $155 30.7
OF Hugh Duffy $34 43.1
TOTAL $681 634.7

Who did I miss?  What franchise would run away with this?

81 thoughts on “Off-Day Distractions: The $700 Lineup Game”

  1. I made a first pass at a Twins/Senators team as well...

    5 HOFers SelectShow
    1. I can improve on Twin/Senators a tiny bit. OF was the most expensive part thanks to Winfield and Speaker.

      Twins/Senators SelectShow
  2. Braves SelectShow
          1. and I don't have a PI subscription, so it may be able to improved upon. I just looked at Hall-of-Famers, of which all are except the shortstop

  3. Re-subscribed to PI for this one. I decided to try with a team known for its boom/bust choices. They also had some Hall of Famer for five games.

    Marlins SelectShow
  4. Athletics SelectShow
          1. Thanks. I was using a too restrictive PI search and fixed it when building the Twins list. I forgot to go back and fix the Athletics.

            Updated Athletics SelectShow
              1. Can swap out Nomaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah for Terry Turner. Only -6 rWAR but saves $27.

                Athletics with Cobb SelectShow
  5. Toronto Blue Jays SelectShow
      1. I'm sure Rickey can help out several franchises in this game. Anaheim? He played for them? Geez

      2. Yeah, I was a little jealous of not getting about 60 more years worth of people to pick through.

    1. Update

      Spoiler SelectShow

      I just went up 50.3 WAR for only $6

      (update to the update, I was looking at wins, not total games)

      1. Clemens costs $67, so you're losing 6 dollars, but still a good swap.

        I think you counted his Wins instead of Games Played. But man, 41 wins in 67 games.

  6. Initial Orioles team

    Spoiler SelectShow
    1. I wanted to do an Orioles lineup just to include Gus Triandos, but he played 953 games for Baltimore, so that wasn't going to work.

      1. Sorry looking man. Looked like this little kid who got left at the bus station by his parents.

  7. Initial Red Sox team

    Spoiler SelectShow

    It was surprisingly hard to find a decent third outfielder that didn't blow the budget. It would have been nice if a certain famous power hitting Yankees rightfielder was an option, but the Red Sox used him quite a bit in the field during that last season they had him.

  8. Randy Johnson and is 103.5 WAR can go to either Montreal (/Washington if you're so inclined) or Houston for only $11

  9. A start for the Expos*

    EXPOS 1969-2004 SelectShow

    *This by my definition you wore the Expos uniform for at least one game of your career. Any WSH stats count, but not if you only ever played for Washington

  10. Dodgers SelectShow
    Giants SelectShow
      1. Good catch. I think I got a little obsessed with getting 700 rWAR with less than $500 spent. Here’s the swap.

        Giants w/Hornsby SelectShow
  11. Brewers SelectShow
        1. Replace Hank Aaron with a $2 Boomstick lowers the WAR considerably, but provides a lot more money to spend elsewhere

      1. I've done my best with the Mets, but it ain't good enough. And that's considering they also have Ricky's numbers for $31.

            1. Best I could do:

              Mets SelectShow
    Braves $698 887.2
    A's $683 801.3
    Giants $626 778.3
    Dodgers $642 774.2
    Red Sox $649 724.4
    Cleveland $524 724.2
    Mets $689 715.9
    Yankees $555 714.1
    Blue Jays $661 649.4
    Phillies $681 634.7
    White Sox $691 633.7
    Pirates $678 613.1
    Brewers $684 609.3
    Cubs $695 599.8
    Twins $683 595.1
    Padres $658 563.6
    Reds $653 537.4
    Marlins $654 498.9
    Orioles $690 471.8
    Diamondbacks $681 414.6
  13. My friend Dan Lee put together this Cleveland team on the Book of Faces (I've invited him in the past):

    Cleveland SelectShow

    Only change from his team is that I replaced Ralph Kiner with Johnny Damon

  14. Yankmes SelectShow
    1. Somehow, they're very cheap. That's without downgrading from Clemens to Gaylord Perry to save another $165. Feel free to try to put that excess money to work.

      1. I guess they could upgrade Tulo to Campaneris. The extra WAR comes with a lot of extra cost, but the Yankees have $$ to burn

  15. White Sox SelectShow
  16. Cubs SelectShow

    A familiar name appears!

  17. Padres SelectShow
  18. Diamondbacks SelectShow
    1. Scherzer and Flash Gordon both provide some significant cost savings over Schilling if you can find a way to upgrade elsewhere (like catcher!)

  19. Pirates SelectShow
  20. Reds SelectShow

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