2019 Game Log 125: Chicago White Sox at Minnesota Twins

The Twins come back home after a 5-1 road trip, most recently off their first four game sweep in Texas. While the road treated them well, the home stadium has been less inviting as of late; the Twins have dropped 5 out of their last 6 at Target Field.

Coming into town are the White Sox, who just lost 3 out of 4 in Anaheim. Crossing fingers for the Twins to extend the B-Sox's recent road woes. Hopefully Good Gibby will face off against Ivan Nova, who's been white hot lately (ba dum tss!).

54 thoughts on “2019 Game Log 125: Chicago White Sox at Minnesota Twins”

    1. I'm in KC tonight. I got to my hotel room and turned the game on to see Gibson Gibsoning all over the place. Ugh.

        1. Sadly I didn't. No car and nothing close enough to the hotel to walk to. It is hot as hell here, though, so there's that.

            1. I had lunch at John Hardy's today. Definitely one of the best bbq in the State of Minnesota.

              1. My dad used to occasionally bring it home from Rochester. Then the Big Man opened up a joint on the East Side of Spamtown. That was awesome.

                Not sure when that closed. Anyway, the Big Man died and the place declined. Good to see that the franchise lives on and is good.

  1. I think the baserunning is just some dada performance art. That's got to be the only explanation.

  2. I have the game on mute, surprised Rocco didnt challenge that play because the catcher was blocking the plate well before the ball got to him

  3. Just got home from taking my oldest (15) to meet our local congressman at a neighbors BBQ. Time for the Twins to comeback and win now.

  4. I think Baseball Tonight is showing Abreu's dinger on a loop. I have seen it twice in five minutes.

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