34 thoughts on “2019 Game 137: Minnesota Twins vs. Detroit Tigers”

    1. Pitching and fielding. Both teams have scored a similar number of runs per game against the Tigers but Cleveland gave up half as many runs.

      1. Holy crap, you were not kidding.

        Coming into today, Twins had hit 295/372/548 with 100 runs scored in 15 games.
        Cleveland hit 298/365/533 with 100 runs scored in 16.

        Twins pitchers allowed 288/334/476 and 70 runs.

        Cleveland pitchers allowed 204/241/340 and 35 runs.


        1. Overall, Cleveland is scoring 1.3 fewer runs per game than the Twins while allowing 0.68 fewer runs per game.

  1. Not bad, Rogers.

    Cleveland gets started with the White Sox tonight. Twins head to Boston. Not ideal, so the cushion might come up big.

    I know this is pointless blather. I’m just excited, is all.

    1. Even after winning tonight, the Indians are only 6-7 vs. the White Sox. The Indians have crushed the Tigers this year, but the Twins have better records vs. the Royals and the White Sox. I blame Gardy.

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