56 thoughts on “September 5, 2019: Panic! In The Rotation”

  1. If anything, time to freak out at how much Rocco is leaving him out there. Use an opener, and give him a couple times through the lineup, then rest him. He's showing all signs of wearing down this second half.

  2. The bigger issue last night was Berrios grooving a couple to Mookie. Those were not "tired" pitches, they were mistakes.

    1. People make mistakes when they're tired.

      The 3-run HR looked to be where Astudillo was expecting it; the mistake was in pitch selection, maybe. Wonder if things work out differently with Castro behind the plate

  3. Driving in today, I was in a panic mindset regarding all of our starting pitchers. Did some digging, and we have 3 starters that are clearly above average compared to the rest of the American League. Gibson is right in the middle, maybe slightly below, and Perez is now below average. Offense is just so up this season with the barrage of home runs, we have to change our mindset a bit. However, looking at the last month or so, Big Mike is about the only starter who is really looking good. I am crossing my fingers that Wes figures out Berrios before playoff time. We need him to steal a game or two to advance to the second round.

    1. Odorizi has been pretty good, too. It's tough to come up with an effective #3 based on the past two months.

    2. I’m less worried about the starters being above average compared to the rest of the league, and much more concerned about having three above average starters compared to the rest of the AL’s postseason contenders.

      1. Honestly, I'm more concerned about our offense going away in the playoffs than I am our pitching. Those days absolutely happen, and in the playoffs those days feel especially maddening. Our pitching is what it is. If we hit, we can win even with our pitching.

        1. Ditto on this. Our pitching gives us a good chance of winning a slugfest; our hitting is questionable in a pitcher's duel. Last night's game was a good example - gotta get to the bullpen to win those

      2. In an actual playoff situation, there's no way Berrios comes out for that sixth inning. That would've changed at least some of the Dynamics.

        Like Philo, I'm far more concerned about a sudden power outage, leaving is with no offensive gameplan.

        1. Last night's opposing starter has been a stud all year. Sometimes you get the bear and sometimes the bear gets you.

          If we get Houston, they have bears in their rotation, so, bear fight.

    1. Successfully walked out of a dealership. Had price in hand, looked at financing, and then the sales dude slid a piece of paper across with no real information and asked me to sign to "save the price". Huh, and then then when I said that the Mrs. and I are a team and that I'm going to consult with her regarding our financing options he tried the, "why do you have to talk to your wife" play. Alrighty, bro. As I'm trying to leave they "misplaced my keys", and then the sales manager took a crack. Hard sell. No bueno, boyo. On the way out he tripled my (paltry) trade in value, but only if I call today or tomorrow. The amount of stress these jerks heap on customers is bonkers. I know what I want, and I know that you don't want me to pay less than you want me to pay for it, but how about some honey instead of the vinegar?

      1. I can't believe these sales tactics still exist. Especially the "misplaced keys" tactic. Like, everyone has a cell phone that is very easy to use to call the police. Why risk that? (I totally believe the attempt at emasculating you tactic is alive and well, unfortunately.) I've only ever bought two cars at a dealership (one decent experience and a great experience buying my Ford), though, so maybe I just have't gotten around that world much.

      2. The last couple times I've bought a car in Minnesota I didn't get this. They have a listed price on-line that is almost identical to the price for the same car from every other dealership. They'll try to upsale you on things you don't need, but there's no haggling over the price of the car itself.

        I had one of the guys you mentioned back in 2005. I was so angry at the sales tactics I walked out. Told them I didn't feel comfortable not getting their best price immediately.

      3. Wow. I am also stunned that this stuff still exists.

        I have had the good fortune to only ever buy quality used cars from people we know, for cash. A lot of that has to do with small-town connections, and jumping when an opportunity exists, even if we weren't looking for it. I can't even imagine how I'd respond in such a situation. The misplaced keys thing is above and beyond... just wow.

      4. Recently bought a used Honda Pilot from a small auto shop that was dealing auction vehicles. It was almost the opposite of pressure. In fact, I think it was just the service guys that I worked with until I decided I'd take it. They probably had no skin in the sale at all.
        I think the internet is the great equalizer on car prices. Everything is already out there, so it's hard to hide a good or bad deal.

  4. On a note tangentially related to the bro dudes at the car lot, does it piss you off when people say, "Oh, you're from Minnnesoooooo-oooo-ooota" when they first learn that you were born in the motherland?

    1. I went to a conference last week and I was getting that from people from West Virginia, North Carolina, etc. Not exactly the most regal accents from those areas, either.

      1. When I'm curling, I start to sound Canadian, so I imagine I've got somewhat of that Minnesooootan in me. Fortunately I have a Wisconsin license so I never hear about it.

      1. I'm always one to try and explain that it gets thicker outside the metro, with the epicenter of the Fargo accent somewhere in the neighborhood of Stearns County.

      2. My usual response for years and years was the patented spookie eye roll of the day, but living down here it’s become a pet peeve of the highest order.

        1. A friend of mine suggested I watch some rom-com film with Renee Zellweger in it (I forget the name); my wife watched it instead, but I saw a few moments here and there -- I told my friend that the accents were more Canadian than Minnesotan.

    2. I absolutely welcome it; I appreciate people recognizing I don’t have a Wisconsin accent.

      I also have a few Canadianisms in my speech that draw occasional questions.

  5. We had our fire suppression inspection today (it's a California requirement). And I have to replace a couple smoke detectors -- not that surprising, but a reminder that, uh, I don't test them monthly.

    Also, we have a FireX wired system, installed in 1997. Umm. FireX no longer exists as a brand, because Kidde bought them out. I hadn't replaced one for several years so had not thought about this. Naturally, on my way home today, I stopped at Home Despot to buy replacement units. And bought the wrong ones.

    Not only did I buy the wrong ones (I got ones that are not the plug-in type), but my Home Despot appears not to have the cheap Kidde replacement model in stock. AND you have to get a separate adapter or you have to re-wire. Effers.

    Thank goodness for Amazon. Replacements (sworn! to be be compatible with the FireX plug-in system, and adapters so that I can actually plug the damn things in without re-wiring) are on their way. But if this does not result in the system working as designed, I'ma gonna be pissed. (some sources say you MUST replace all of your units to insure compatibility. Seriously??)

    Selling a house is great fun.

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