Game 140: Minnesota at Boston

Let’s hope Pérez can get himself on track enough to make Game 9 of this road trip a ‘one-off’. Eovaldi has 7 starts and 11 relief appearances this season and sports a 6.23 ERA and a 1.57 WHIP ... perhaps the Twins can repay the early runs from last night? Also, I would love to see someone take advantage of the Pesky Pole and short walls in right ... lord knows they have more than enough pop.

Hate to see your #1 struggle, but as the great Mr. Aday would say, “Two Out of Three Ain’t Bad”!

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    1. Nah. Same with Mike Trout. I like both of them and they're incredible talents. I get annoyed at mediocre players who crush the Twins

    1. That's why I've got the volume just loud enough to hear the game but quiet enough that it's difficult to discern any words.

    2. I suspect many of us are in the youngest demographic in which Kaat is remotely relevant as a former active major leaguer. I enjoy hearing stories from eras past, but I can’t imagine I’m the only one who doesn’t appreciate being told I’m watching inferior baseball, and that the things I find intriguing about the game are irrelevant bullshit. I don’t know who in the organization is in charge of hiring broadcasters, but I hope they realize they’re salting the earth by giving microphones to guys who are so ready to tell you that baseball was better when there were only 24 teams.

      1. I agree. I like TK in the booth for a few, but the combo of these three old dudes who like to wax poetic about how the good old days were the best old days is a bit much. However, I’ll take some of this nonsense over Roy..................

        1. I haven’t heard enough of TK recently to have a sense of how attached he is to a certain era of play, but the stuff I remember leaned toward insight over disdain.

          Imagine a booth of Dick, Bert, Jack, & Kaat...

        2. Yesterday's rain delay chatter between Dazzle and Smoltz was both GOML and analytics savvy, and I found it pretty tolerable. They seemed to understand that baseball has changed, and what's caused it, for better or for worse.

          1. Honestly, that's how I found Dazzle's half of his conversation with Morris I'm the pregame the other day. Like, he wasn't trying to discount it (Jack certainly was), just debating how interesting it was to watch.

      2. If they're going to insist on having former players on the booth, I'm sure there's a balance* that can be found between taking interesting playing day stories and understanding that things change and evolve and that that's interesting too.

        *it's Morneau

  1. Astudillo? I get going for contact, but he’s not going to take anything, and you’re burning him when Adrianza could simply take over in the infield.

  2. Ok, that was cute, but let's not let it ride with the Arraez/La Tortuga middle infield much longer

  3. Rogers is good (edit: great. One of the best in the game) and Martinez has never done anything against him, but I don't like this matchup.

    1. I also love that you can see the ball in the air behind, then bypassing, Devers on the way to Castro.

  4. This was the first time the Twins won with less than 3 hits since 2005, when Jacque Jones homered in the 8th for the only hit and run off Freddy Garcia. Game started by Johan, of course. Previous to that, the last time Twins won with less than 3 hits was Sept. 1987 when Frank Viola won 2-1 behind solo homers from Kirby Puckett and Tim Laudner. Laudner's was a walkoff leading off the 9th inning. The only run off Viola was a solo HR by Gary Redus. In 1951, the Senators beat the Yankees 5-3 despite just 2 hits. They had 13 walks in the game. Both hits were triples.

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