30 thoughts on “September 9, 2019: Skol”

  1. No game recap today. I'll just say that, given the state of the Twins' rotation, we may see several more games like that, as Rocco tries to piece things together and hold on to the division lead.

    Game recaps will probably be pretty sporadic the rest of the season. September-to-early-October is one of my busiest times of year, as fall church and school activities start and we hold meetings to prepare for Charge Conference. Plus, there are various family issues that we're dealing with. Nothing tragic or even unusual, just the stuff that happens in life as we and our loved ones get older. But they take time, and that time has to come from somewhere. So, I'll do recaps when I have the time. If someone else wants to jump in, of course, they're more than welcome.

    1. Just want to say how much I enjoy your recaps, Jeff; they’ve added a great deal of enjoyment to a special baseball season. Thank you for all the effort, time, and generosity that bring them into being. Good luck with everything on your plate these next few weeks.

    1. I saw a couple of recaps proclaiming that the Vikings "showed that they are legitimate Super Bowl contenders" from publications that ought to know better (namely, any publication that covers football).

        1. To be fair, too bee faiiirrrr... they didn't really need to pass the ball. Game got out of hand quickly and they were running the ball very well. Personally, I would have loved to see them run up the score more, but Zimmer is very conservative with the lead. Very small sample size to be calling them a superbowl contender, but I have no qualms with the passing yardage.

        2. It's not like they couldn't pass the ball. 8-for-10 with the first TD in the air. They scored TDs on their first 2 possessions but the drives started at the ATL 21 and 41, so couldn't exactly rack up the yards.

  2. By tOPS+, the Twins are tied for the 17th worst season in batting with the bases loaded. They're at a tOPS+ of 29. They're tied with the '77 Rangers and '82 Reds. The Dodgers in 2014 finished 10th worst, with a tOPS+ of 25; they lost in the ALDS. The 2012 Astros are right behind the Twins, at tOPS+ of 31; they finished with 55 wins.

    By sOPS+, the Twins are tied for 43rd. Both recent aforementioned teams ranked worse. Tied with the Twins are the '77 Rangers (again), '68 Braves, and '64 Orioles. All otherwise good teams.

    1. Imagine the carnage they would have inflicted on the league if they were average in bases loaded situations.

    2. Fun with SSS meaninglessness. Meanwhile, including these stats, Twins are 3rd in MLB in batting with RISP and with RISP and 2 outs. Twins also are 3rd in MLB with an OPS of .875 with runners at first and second, so I'm sure the plan in the playoffs will be to just intentionally walk the bases loaded once 2 guys get on base.

  3. This whole AB/Raiders saga has been hilarious. That AB is good friends with an ex-Twolves player whose last name is synonymous with a male domestic servant shouldn't surprise anyone. But, as one commenter put it:

    So just a complete attempt at manipulating a situation to get to where he wanted in order to flip a middle finger to Big Ben and the Steelers and play for a championship caliber team? Carry on.

    1. If I didn't hate the Patriots enough before now, I really do now after they gave that punk $15M after all the crap he pulled. So the Raiders won't put up with off the field crap and will let a guy walk no matter how good he is, but the Patriots, the NFL's supposedly shining light of an example, will take him in, no problem? How things have changed since my youth.

    2. The Raiders traded two draft picks for good ratings on their HBO show, the Steelers took a lesser return, and got the result they didn't want, anyway, AB gets a chance at a championship to pad his HOF stats, and the Patriots get another shot at 19-0.

      So everyone for what they REALLY wanted, except the Steelers, which seems fine by me.

      1. AB didn't project any mental health issues until the playoff game when Burfict almost decapitated him. I fear we're watching a very public mental health breakdown of a man who is losing his grip on reality.

        1. I don't know. That video really made it look orchestrated. Plus, he supposedly consulted with a social media consultant. I wouldn't be surprised if the whole thing was an act.

  4. I can't find a link, but I'm reading on the book of faces that former outfielder Joe Keough passed away. He was best known as a Kansas City Royal, but he went to spring training with the Twins in 1974. He is the brother of outfielder Marty Keough and the uncle of pitcher Matt Keough. He was seventy-three, which doesn't sound nearly as old to me as it used to.

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