Game 147: Twins at Cleveland

There is baseball. It seems like every time these two teams meet they're heading opposite directions, and then they switch, despite the series going the opposite way. When the Twins took 2 of 3 out of the All-star break, it looked good. Then their lead slowly eeked away. When the Twins hosted the next series it didn't go so well, and Cleveland pulled ahead. But then they swapped right back. Last weekend the Twins came in looking good, and now a week later they're stinkin' up the joint. Since this is the last meeting, it's the right time for the Twins to pass that stink right back to the Indians. Let's hope they can grab a game or two in the process, and then wrap up the season beating on the bad teams.

Let's also hope for some home runs. Max Kepler is back in the lineup, and he's my call to do some damage, along with Sano. Heck, Sano is back too. This is good!

21 thoughts on “Game 147: Twins at Cleveland”

    1. Perhaps on Astudillo (strike one seems awfully close). The 2nd out featured a poorly called third strike, to be sure, but Gameday has balls 1 & 4 to Sano catching the zone.
      Man ... I don’t know if technology makes it easier or harder to gripes about ‘bad calls’.

      1. Still, strike 3 was way out on Sano and that was the difference between a walk and a strikeout. Terrible call. I'd rather a guy have a large or a small strike zone, not a random number generator strike zone.

      1. Twitter agrees. Also, don’t they have access to a weather forecast in CLE? This rain was predicted. Why even start it?

    1. I understand that it's easy to say now, but with rain in the forecast it might have been better to have Friday be a bullpen game and hold Odorizzi out for the Saturday game. Cory said at the start of the game that they had a very small window to try to get the game in, and of course it turned out to be even smaller than they thought it would be.

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