2019 American League Central Division Champions Hangover Game

We've got a "woof" of a lineup today, but who cares! The Twins are AL Central Champs! LaMonte Wade has never played at first base? Who cares! Schoop as DH? Who cares!! Who the heck is Ian Miller!? Who cares!!!

Seriously though, this has been an unexpected and awesome year. Congratulations to the Twins, to Rocco, to the front office, and all the people working behind the scenes to tweak the players into their best selves. I'm not going to speculate on the Twins' chances in the playoffs, but I can say it's been a great ride this year that far exceeded my expectations. We're playing with house money now, so I'm just going to lay back and enjoy. High fives (and aspirin) all around.

23 thoughts on “2019 American League Central Division Champions Hangover Game”

    1. Yes! I was hoping we'd see a couple of relievers playing infield positions. I guess sticking Wade at first is going to have to be good enough.

    1. Honestly, as I glanced at the MLB scoring update on my phone that Miller had driven in Torreyes, I thought, oh shoot, the Tigers are up. When I got the next alert that the Tigers had tied it, I was confused for a couple seconds until I put it together.

    1. Home scorer probably sees a fast runner hit it to that part of the park as pretty much an automatic triple. Can't wait till Buxton finds that spot for an IPTHR that isn't messed up or takes a funny bounce.

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