Games 5-7: Minnesota Wild vs. Entire Nation of Canada

Oh  hey, just what the Wild needed, another road trip.

This time we get three games in four days against the Eastern Conference Canadian Contingent.

You read that right - 12 noon start time today.  Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

Ottawa might be the best chance on this road trip to catch that elusive first win.  But you'll excuse me if I'm less than optimistic.  All the HockeyStats in the world can't cover up the fact that the Wild are mixing in some atrociously bad stretches that are costing them games.  When those awful 5-minute breakdowns go away, then we'll get to see some wins.  Does it happen this week?  Part of me wants to see them go 0-10, just to see what Russo writes about at that point.

The Maple Leafs are really good.  A road game against Toronto isn't fun for anyone, let alone a team that is allowing more than 5 goals a game.  Be sure to tune in for that one, because that'll be the one that the Wild inexplicably pull together and dominate (see last season's decimation of the Lightning in the midst of a truly lackluster second half).

The Canadiens are ... good, I think?  I don't know, it's the Eastern Conference, I don't pay attention to these teams.  Let's assume that they have been playing better hockey than the Wild.  Fair?


Four Wild goals!


The Wild continued their highly amusing streak of allowing an empty net goal in every game this season.  These are the little details that can drive a goal differential past "sad" and into "ludicrous".

35 thoughts on “Games 5-7: Minnesota Wild vs. Entire Nation of Canada”

  1. allowing an empty net goal in every game this season

    Now I need to know the record for consecutive games.

      1. Can't find a streak finder on hockey-reference. The Wild have given up four while no other team is above two. Last year the leader, the Rangers, gave up 18. The Wild tied with three others at 17.

        1. I didn't read the article to realize it was a day game or I would have put it on for noise if nothign else.

    1. Now they won't even tie if they give up one! How many games get two empty net goals, from opposing teams no less?

    1. Canadiens score on a Fiala giveaway, and the Wild take two penalties to go down 5 on 3.

      Montreal scores immediately. 3 minutes and two goals against.

      Oh boy, this team.

      Edit - 3-0 now. Montreal scores as the second penalty expires.

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