36 thoughts on “October 16, 2019: Cardinal In A Coal Mine”

  1. Salt River got only five hits as they lost to Scottsdale 2-1 yesterday. The Rafters are 12-9 and lead both Mesa and Scottsdale by two games.

    Royce Lewis was 0-for-4 with an RBI. He is batting .371/.429/.629 in 62 at-bats.
    Luke Raley was 1-for-4. He is batting .175/.246/.263 in 57 at-bats.
    Dakota Chalmers struck out four in four innings, giving up two runs on three hits. His ERA is 4.50 with 21 strikeouts and 10 walks in 14 innings.

    In the Dominican League, Aguilas defeated the Toros 4-0. Wilin Rosario was 1-for-4 with a run and an RBI. He is batting .286/.412/.429 in 14 at-bats.

      1. I decided against it for a few reasons:

        * My job situation changed and I should probably be a little frugal - those prices were eye-popping for GA (and my short wife is as likely to faint as to enjoy a show in GA)
        * Winter in Minnesota means scheduling a February concert makes my wife and I stressed all the way up until the concert (we live an hour south of the metro)
        * Our schedule is clear now, but three kids means it probably won’t be then

        The biggest one, though, is that while it’d be cool to be at one of the opening shows at a new venue, I’m a pretty big Live Nation hater. Especially since they clearly want to bury First Avenue.

        Still, I really want to see her in concert. Wish I could have made the state fair show, especially considering who all is involved.

        1. I’m a pretty big Live Nation hater. Especially since they clearly want to bury First Avenue.

          I have a feeling that Live Nation is going to find that Minnesotans are kinda cheap. I know a bunch of people who would go to that show but were shocked by the prices (me included). Balcony seats are in the $200 plus range. Also the other announced shows are kinda meh. Don't think First Avenue has much to worry about.

        1. One of the Taxidea taxus buckinghami got crosswise with the (former) dean of the business school here, who thought the mascot was mocking him (without speaking) through various pantomimes. The dean would get visibly annoyed at the sight of the mascot, and clearly did not enjoy interacting with it at events. The mascot can be a bit mischievous, and is ever-eager to playfully engage dignitaries. While I can’t rule it out, I’ll note said dean was a patronizing Gallic cockscomb, so...I’m with the anthropomorphic mustelid.

  2. I wish there was baseball tonight. Random early season NHL game and a Sun Belt football game, and a random preseason NBA game is not scratching my sports itch.

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