2020 Game Log Nine: Cleveland Spiders vs. Minnesota Twins (Help Wanted)

Say hey! It's baseball on Sunday (for now)! Just in case, Sunday game logs (again, for as long as they exist) are still open. If anyone would like to take them, they're all yours.

Anyway, sounds like we have the makings of a bullpen game today. If you're not watchin', hope you're having a pleasant Sunday.

69 thoughts on “2020 Game Log Nine: Cleveland Spiders vs. Minnesota Twins (Help Wanted)”

  1. Homer Bailey goes to the IL. Sean "Hellza" Poppen joins the team. Tyler Clippard starts as the opener. Let's get 'em, Twins!

  2. My highlight so far is when there was a mound visit and the pitching coach was covering his mouth, so his lips couldn’t be read.

    He had a mask on

      1. Let me know what you need me to do - do I need to have posting access? - Ill have a log ready for this Sunday's game.

        1. I think everyone has basic posting access (if signed in, there should be a "+ New" for posts on the top ribbon). Just write a log, add some tags or art if you'd like, schedule a time, then boom. That should do it. Any issue, just let us know.

          1. It does not appear that I have posting access - no "+ New" button on my ribbon and no access to make a post in the dashboard.

            I plan do to a bit of a "Vegas" slant for the logs doing a look at the Twins performance as seen by the betting community each Sunday.

    1. I don't know if a mid-70s floater right down the middle is "nasty" but it was definitely unexpected.

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