26 thoughts on “September 20, 2020: Zero Is A Magic Number”

        1. Agreed. But nice to have an early lead.

          But a unexpected Yankee loss followed by an unexpected Twins win tonight would be a huge step towards hosting the first round in the playoffs rather than heading to Yankee stadium.

              1. I do however like the Twins odds to beat either the White Sox or Tampa Bay in the ALDS on a neutral field if we can beat the Yankees in the first round.

                1. I would not be surprised to see the 3 game lead shrink. Even to see them tied. Obviously the Twins lose the tiebreaker there, but... I could see it getting closer. I hope.

                  Also, FWIW, I don't buy the Yankee/Twins thing Geoff talks about, but I do buy the idea that the Yankees are the best team in the AL this year, and have just had a ton of injuries, so are in the middle of the pack. So yeah, I don't want to face them, but because I think they're the best, not because of the history.

                  1. Putting the "history" and "losing streak" aside - the difference in win projection if the Twins host a best 3 series against anyone - let alone the Yankees - vs being on the road for all 3 games is huge.

  1. Today’s sandwich was a parkway poboy. Shrimps, lettuce, mayo, hot sauce and a side of fries. Almost magical, almost made me forget how shitty 2020 has been. Almost.

    They’re now offering global shipping of roast beef poboys.... if I liked you more doc I’d send you an early holiday present. /wink.

    1. That is dinner tonight. This is GREAT stuff. Some of the closest Korean BBQ I've found here in the US to what I had in Korea.

      Easy to cook - just fire up the rice cooker and then throw that package along with some chopped up mushroom, carrot, bell pepper, carrot and broccoli and the family is fed.

      1. Is that a Costco product? If so we’ve made it a couple times over the covids and had great results. A little salty, but overall the closest thing to what our Korean friends would cook for us in grad school.

        1. Yes - Costco product.

          I haven't noticed it being over salty - but I would recommend adding some additional vegetables (celery, carrot, bell pepper, mushroom) or even pineapple to the prepacked meat and onion to offset the salt.

  2. The Reds scored five runs in the fourth inning today on one hit. Six walks and a single. There was also a hit batsman, but it didn't figure in the scoring.

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