14 thoughts on “November 1, 2020: Spooktacular!”

  1. My Grandpa passed away this morning. I posted a few days ago that he was in rough shape but "not dying," and that situation changed pretty quickly. He had some falls over the past months with some brain bleeding. Somewhere in the most recent episode there was some stroke activity that impacted his ability to swallow and it was a very quick transition from there.
    The family (a large one) burst their very tight covid bubble so people could come and say goodbye. We got to visit briefly yesterday, but not much of him left at that point. The first time I've had contact since...not sure when. Before March, certainly. Maybe Christmas? Might have been a January birthday in there...
    He was a pillar of the Hamel community. Born on April Fool's, died on All Saints, which seems fitting for him.

  2. The sweet potato factory came to a close with Zeta tearing up my yard. Planted a bit late and harvested a bit early, but otherwise a good haul. The skin is so tender you can toss the little ones in olive oil and roast until done and eat whole. Which is what I’m going to do once they’re cured.

  3. Tonight we finished off the pork curry I made Friday night. I had previously complained about not being able to get enough spice in my Thai-style curries. Well I recently found a new container of curry paste that indicated it was extra hot, so I picked that up and added it to the other curry paste. I hadn't realized it was more of an Indian-style paste, but ultimately it worked, and the spice was up a little bit from normal. Still not quite where I want it, but I can adjust more. Mmmmm.

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