9 thoughts on “November 20, 2020: Locked In”

  1. Weird.

    On the CBS morning show, Ga(y)(i)l(e) said that people should be stocking up for grocs as things are going to get tight real fast.

    I went to Whole Foods over lunch and got the stuff NBBW wanted for Xgiving (turkey, broccoli sprouts, corn stuff, etc). She wants to brine this year.

    Shelves were full and lines not bad.

    Then at the package store I overheard a lady saying that the lockdown is coming soon. Crikey. Not sure what that means. We have enough toilet paper for 4 homecomings.

    1. Dr. Chop reported march level panic buying at the costcos mid week. Hard to tell what is driving people to act one way or the other, but all I know is that DPWY best get here soon with the schmidt's order I placed.

  2. nytimes is now painting the COVID states in different colors. Minny was red a few days ago, and is now dark purple.

    Morrison County is the darkest shade of purple on the county map.

  3. I have been informed by the Mrs that I am not allowed to go to the store until after Thanksgiving. She will try to go off-peak with my list.

    Just the two of us this year. I am thinking buttermilk-brined turkey breast, roasted sweet potatoes, cornbread-sausage dressing, green beans and cranberries. With a vat of gravy.

    Maybe bread pudding for dessert. Unless I can talk her into making pecan pie.

    1. Ha. NBBW is also doing some buttermilk-brining fiasco. Also a dish involving corn kernels, creamed corn, and Jiffy's cornbread.

    2. Update. My plan for cornbread dressing has been rejected. She will take charge and get sourdough.

      Also, we are having cherry pie, in honor of her father. I'm good with that.

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