47 thoughts on “January 27, 2021: Classless”

  1. I visited the Hall in 1998 during the post season. They had a big exhibit dedicated to McGwire and Sosa right when you came in. The museum portion is pretty great -- although not much there re: the 1987 and 1991 Twins. The actual "Hall" is kind of weird, just plaques on the wall. It was interesting to read the plaques, but the real value and attraction to the place is the museum part. Plus, they have a great ballpark there. If I happened to be in the neighborhood of Cooperstown, NY, I would definitely stop in again, but only to see the museum. Who is actually enshrined -- or isn't -- isn't much of an interest to me anymore.

  2. I see that it's pretty chilly in ND this morning, with some places near -20. Meanwhile, in MPLS, we continue to have pretty mild temperatures. It has not fallen below zero in January (forecast low tonight: 3), nor has it reached 40. The weather has been very stable, with two relatively small snow events and a total snowfall of under 8 inches for the month (we might get more before month's end). After a warm December (5.6 degrees above average) and November (4.8 degrees above average), we are headed to an even warmer January, relatively speaking (currently 6.8 degrees above average). If December and January are this warm, makes for a pretty good winter. The net effect for me, I think, is that my overall mood is better.

      1. Atmospheric River, Baby.

        I am here to tell you that 48 degrees is pretty damn cold when your power has been out all day.

        On the bright side, all my food in my freezer should stay mostly frozen for a while longer, and the food in the fridge shouldn't be spoiled yet.

  3. LaVell E Neal is going to be a columnist for the STrib, wonder if he is still going to do the Twins beat or are they going hire a new beat writer (bring back Mike Berardino!)

  4. Dinner last night was a winner winner cod fish dinner.

    Slice up a mess of potatoes into 1/8 inch rounds* toss in oil and shingle in an overlapping single ish layer on the bottom of a cast iron pan - season with S&P. Heat on stove top over medium heat until the edges are browning a bit, and then throw in your oven which has been preheating to 450. Roast the taters for 15 or so minutes, and while that is happening peel an orange or two and slice across the equator into 1/2 inch thick slices (I used three clementines and it was delish), add 1/2 cup chopped parsley, 2 tbs red wine vinegar, and tbs capers minus the juice. When the taters are done put cod pieces directly on top of them season with a bit more S&P and return to the oven and cook for 15 ish minutes (or until you reach 140 degrees). Serve in a bowl with the citrus salad over the top. Just delightful. Next time I'll add a couple of lemon slices to the fish as I bake it for a bit more ooh la la.

    *the oxo good grips hand held mandolin is awesomely sharp and does this task well I suggest you heed my advice and use the finger guard.........My thumb and middle finger added a delicious bit of special ingredient to the dish.

          1. Yes, they make gloves for operating mandolins and meat slicers. Sort of like thinner chain mail. My worst injury was slicing the end of my finger off on a big old meat slicer while trying to slice eggplant on it (skins are sticky and troublesome). Patched the tip back on my finger and wrapped it up. It was Valentines Day 30 years ago, and I worked through the end of the shift. It reattached itself to my finger without stitches, but I did attach it a bit crooked.

            At the joint I just purchase a meat tenderizer machine. Drop the meat into the chute and 2 sets of mean looking knives pierce it. It is scary looking but I think safe?

              1. Honestly, no preference as I have never used them and, other than the great eggplant incident of 1993, I have never had issues nipping my knuckles on mandolins or slicers. I have a few staff members that use them occasionally. The one downfall of the chain mail "Knights of the Round Table" style of glove, is it is hard to find ones that fit (cuz every hand in our kitchen is a different size. They end up being clunky to use and you lose so much dexterity.

                I see some gloves that are more "cut resistant" and look like they would fit better. I think for mandolin use, something like that would be just fine.

              2. Also of note: I rarely use mandolins in general. At home I usually have plenty of time to just use my incredible knife skills to get the same result. At work I have someone else run the mandolin, as I am just old school. I have worked with and for a lot of chefs that rely on mandolins, but I have it stuck in my head that it is cheating, even though I know it is not. Remember, I am the guy who still refuses to use an instapot.

                Lastly, on a food note (totally unrelated), I had a private food show at my main food supplier earlier this week. The standout item I tried was a sous vide duck breast. I try to stay away from any pre-cooked/pre-packaged food product, but it was so undeniably tasty, that it will soon hit my menu in several ways.

  5. Update on the joint for you all:

    The second round of PPP is going to make us financially stable for 2021. We also are receiving some pretty hefty employee retention tax credits. I am finishing up negotiations on a new lease at the joint. My landlords have agreed on our patio expansion project. They build it and we sign a new extended lease with slightly higher rent. Jumping from 34 seats to 120 seats on the patio with a 3 season porch covering half of it. One huge fireplace and 2 bigger fire pits. A waterfall wall to provide white noise. Honestly, it will be the nicest patio north of the metro area. In conjunction, we are doing a pretty big remodel inside our building with new furniture. All echoes of the former tenant (Bennigans) will be wiped away. My local banker has agreed on terms on a loan for the furniture and equipment inside and out. The extensive amount of personal savings I poured into the joint this past 12 months due to the pandemic, I can pay myself back .

    So, in a nutshell - we are financially whole and can resume chasing our dreams of taking the joint to another level. I am also starting to peruse commercial property throughout the midwest for a potential second location. Probably down the road another 12-24 months, but who knows? If you hear a rumor we are looking in the metro area, there might be some truth to that.

    Personal note to Nibbish: The new bar stools are the bomb!

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