24 thoughts on “3.14, 2021: Happy White Day!”

  1. I assume something is wrong someplace, because this shows up much farther down the page than it should, at least for me.

    1. Sleep deprivation from DST caused the daily video post to be in the Cup of Coffee category.

      1. The wife and I have been often oblivious to DST shifts. I remember one time we were in a Mall parking lot and saying "Where is everyone?"

  2. First cuts.

      1. I hear him saying "bal-a-ZAW-vick." The "a" is quick, but I'm pretty sure it's there.

  3. Happy Pi Day, y'all!!!!1111 I celebrated by, um, making bread.

    Speaking of which, our household has been on a honey-whole wheat pain de mie kick, which just happens to be excellent sandwich bread. Let me know if there's any interest in the recipe!

        1. Thirded. Not having good sandwich bread has been the hardest part of going without added sugar for Lent.

          1. Also, we are breaking our sugar fast for Pi Day, and got a banana cream at the kids' request.

                  1. I managed a fair amount of whiskey this weekend too... I experimented with Godfathers (variations from 1:1 whiskey to amaretto to 4:1, I settled on 2:1). A few other cocktails thrown in too.

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