2021 Game Log 4: Minnesota Twins at Detroit Twins Tigers

Well, the Twins basically got the series sweep, if not technically (I forget what happened at the end of that first game). I'd call it a decent start to the year.

They hop over Lake Michigan for a three game set with Tigers, all DAY GAME ALERTs. Looks like we'll be spending our lunch breaks with the Twins this week.

A lot of familiar faces in the other dugout this series, including Akil Baddoo who cranked a donger on the first major league pitch he saw. I have a feeling he won't be offered back to the Twins this year...

Shoemaker makes his Twins debut facing off against Jose Urena in a battle of the righties. Nelson Cruz also debuts in his natural position, so hopefully the Boomstick can start to get into a groove. It's a nice, warm day to enjoy some afternoon baseball.

92 thoughts on “2021 Game Log 4: Minnesota Twins at Detroit Twins Tigers”

  1. Are we going to have to start a pool, like the home run pool we used to have, to pick each day which Twin is going to leave the game due to injury?

      1. He was talking about a milestone HR for Thome that he was on base for and when Thome got to the plate, Cuddy cut in front of him for the high fives because it meant he "would be in all the pictures".

  2. Has anybody said what the expected pitchcount for Shoemaker is? He got out of the fifth, but he was getting around pretty good after the home run. If the Tigers were within 5 runs of the Twins, I'd say there's no chance he'd be going out for the sixth.

    1. Maeda threw 88, Berríos had 84, and Pineda tossed 81 pitches yesterday. Shoemaker is at 78 pitches after five innings. I could see him starting the fifth and being pulled after a few batters.

    1. With Sano at third, Garver at first, and an outfield of Rooker/Cave/Garlick.

      If not for Simmons, this would be a contender for worst defense ever. Strike folks out, Ubermensch.

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