FMD 4/9/21: Disappointing Covers

I was perusing youtube for some new music last night and came across a cover of a song I like ("To Love Somebody") by an artist I enjoy (Jade Bird), and thought, "alright, this should be great!"

It was not.

Anyway, I don't recall us talking about disappointing covers before, and also we haven't had a FMD post for a bit, and so here's a thing for today.

Edited to add: apparently there's a "bad covers" tag and a "covers played so much worse" tag, so maybe we have done this before. I'll check it out later. I'm not undoing all this great writing I've done in this post so far, just because it might have been wrong. That would be way too fully baked.

6 thoughts on “FMD 4/9/21: Disappointing Covers”

  1. It's especially funny because you've used both tags before when discussing the Weezer cover album. Also it's hard to top (bottom?) the Metallica When Doves Cry cover.

    There's a Johnny Cash version of Wichita Lineman, that is just dreadful.

  2. Not a cover er, per se, but one of the cool things vinyl had going for it was that any record offered two or even three versions of the same song, same arrangement, by default. A 45 of Dolly Parton’s “Jolene” sounding like the Allman Brothers when played at 33 rpm is a good example, but my personal favorite was discovering that a 45 of Carly Simon’s “Nobody Does It Better” sounds like Antony & the Johnsons at 33 rpm.

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