2021 Game Log 10: Red Sox and Twins

Twins and Red Sox look to get started again after yesterday's postponement. Looks like today's announced starters will remain with Monday's starters going on Wednesday as part of a doubleheader. That means A.J. Happ versus former Twin Martin Perez.

Going to be lousy weather with wet raw temperatures in the upper 30's. I bet you could get in the game for under $10 if you wanted to (bundle up!).

Red Sox have been decent this year, not sure if it's SSS or they've made some real improvements. Twins have played well except for a relieve who shall remain nameless.

1:10p first pitch, let's hope for some baseball as a small distraction to trying times.

Twins Lineup
CF - Buxton
LF - Garlick
C - Garver
2B - Polanco
DH - Sano
3B - Arraez
1B - Astudillo
SS - Simmons
RF - Cave

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  1. Cruz sick so line up changed last minute. WiFi out at my house and I don’t want to fix via phone. Will update later for history purposes.

    1. Probably the easiest thing to fix midseason. Rogers and Robles have looked great. Thielbar has a negative FIP. The home run today was just the second hit that Alcala has allowed in 4.2 IP. Stashak has 10 Ks in 4.1 IP. When the closer struggles, it feels like the whole bullpen is struggling, but there's plenty there. Of course, on the down side, the Twins are now tied with the Braves with the most bullpen losses (5).

  2. Vaccinated Twins now 0-3. I sure hope they get over the hangover tomorrow.

    Overall, Twins are 5-5 despite being +19 in runs scored, so they are averaging outscoring oppenents by nearly 2 runs per game. Over 162 games, that would be +308 runs. In 2019, the Dodgers and Astros were both +1.7 runs per game to lead MLB. Imagine what the Twins can do when they get Donaldson back to replace Cave (and presumably Arraez vs. lefties).

    1. The 116-win Mariners in 2001, Ichiro's rookie season, were the last team to have better than a +1.7 run differential in a full season. They had a +1.9, which mean their pythag was 112-50 that season. Last year in 60 games with regional schedules, the Dodgers were +2.3.

    2. Have I missed some reporting? I see no connection between the vaccinations and the performance on the field, so I’m not sure what “hangover” you’re referring to.

      I don’t think Arráez needs to be platooned against LHP, so much as he probably should hit low in the order. He has a career .256/371/.274 line against LHP in just 140 PA, so I think you let him try to figure out his approach and see if his hitting catches up to his batting eye a bit. By contrast, Kepler has hit .218/.287/.366 against LHP over 663 PA. He probably is who he is at this point.

      1. I think it has more to do with Arraez being considered a utility guy and the players he would fill in for would be mostly right-handed or switch-hitters. Garlick is here specifically to hit against lefties, so he'll start in the OF whenever a lefty is starting. Arraez should definitely start and lead off against righties. Arraez will probably occasionally start against lefties when Kepler and/or Polanco is given a day off.

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