40 thoughts on “May 31, 2021: It’s A Lovely Day”

  1. The LaMonte Wade Jr trade turns out to be a bad trade for the Twins

    1. Twins on the Injured List in May:
      Shaun Anderson
      Trevor Larnach
      Kenta Maeda
      Max Kepler
      Luis Arraez
      Edwar Colina
      Byron Buxton
      Jake Cave
      Devin Smetzer

      Maybe we need to talk about the Twins training staff. Again.

      1. Jake Cave fractured his back. Luis Arraez separated his shoulder diving into a base. Larnach is not on the IL, but if he goes there, it's from a bruise on his foot from being hit by a pitch. Maeda has a tired arm. Kepler played with a hamstring strain and made it worse. I'm really trying to figure out how this is the training staff's fault.

  2. Because of this place we watched WW 1984. Just the worst. Dr. Chop with the comment, “so, she’s C-3po now.......???”

    Me, omg, I get the cats reference now. Just a lot of head scratching during this one.

  3. I put a rack of ribs on the smoker about 30 minutes ago, and will add a chicken later. Corn on the cob, watermelon and cornbread are yet to come. Nice way to spend a holiday.

    1. Oh! And two days ago I tried a new cocktail that immediately became one of my absolute favorites. It's a lot of flavor, and you have to like bitter things to enjoy it, but it's right up my alley, with a nice coffee flavor along with a lot of herby bitterness and some sweetness. I may be sipping one of these while grading out by the smoker later this afternoon.

      Cold Brew Negroni

      1 ounce gin
      1 ounce Campari
      1.5 ounces cold brew (or probably any room-temp) coffee
      1.5 ounces sweet vermouth

      Pour over ice and stir.

        1. and oddly enough, we're just going to grill some chicken and throw over salad for dinner tonight. Too hot to spend too much time not in the pool (that we don't own).

      1. A few months ago we got a bar cabinet for our private ultralounge in the basement and I've been stocking it ever since. We decided we want to explore a whole bunch of different cocktails and it's a lot cheaper to do at home than in a bar so we've been trying out different things, starting with gin. We've done Gimlets, Bees Knees, and the classic Tom Collins in the past couple of weeks. We ran out of the first bottle (Tanqueray #10) so we're trying Aviator now which is not bad, very smooth, but the botanicals are somewhat subdued. I was thinking of doing a series of posts on cocktails as we try out new ones. The Nation Could Use a Drink or something. It's going to take some time before the bar is fully stocked, though, we only have gin, vodka, tequila, brandy, and an Irish whiskey at the moment. I still need to get some good rum, a bourbon and a scotch just to have the basics covered. We've got a few of our favorite liqueurs like Amaretto, Bailey's, and Schnapps, and a bunch of mixers and other essentials - simple syrup, bitters, etc. But I really am enjoying my newfound hobby as a stay at home barfly.

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