2022 Game Log 10: Minnesota Twins at Boston Red Sox

Rise and shine! We've got early morning baseball. It must be especially odd for our friends on the west coast...

Old friend Dick Mountain is on the mound of the Sox. His first start against the Tigers wasn't great, so hopefully he won't start putting it together until after this game. On the flip side, let's hope Bundy keeps truckin' ahead today as well.

It's too early for assbats, damn it! Let's gooooo!

16 thoughts on “2022 Game Log 10: Minnesota Twins at Boston Red Sox”

  1. I've really had a problem this season trying to keep MLB Audio broadcast live (both PC and phone) -- it's constantly falling behind a bit. Not sure if it's through the ads or when it's happening.

  2. Its a good thing Sano is a good enough defenseman otherwise he would be a complete anchor

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