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2022 Game Log 10: Minnesota Twins at Boston Red Sox

Rise and shine! We've got early morning baseball. It must be especially odd for our friends on the west coast...

Old friend Dick Mountain is on the mound of the Sox. His first start against the Tigers wasn't great, so hopefully he won't start putting it together until after this game. On the flip side, let's hope Bundy keeps truckin' ahead today as well.

It's too early for assbats, damn it! Let's gooooo!

2020 Game 5: St. Louis Cardinals at Minnesota Twins

Daniel Ponce de Leon
Rich Hill

I don't know how much 40-year-old Hill can provide. 40-year-old Cruz remains ageless while cast-off Bailey did just fine yesterday. Hill started 13 games last year with otherwise excellent numbers. If he starts 13 games this year, it will mean very different things from last year.

Every morning I let the two-year-old pick out his shirt. He had already picked out one shirt when I showed him "the baseball" shirt while I put away the laundry. Immediately, the current choice was cast aside and he demanded the baseball shirt. I get it little guy, I too want to enjoy this season while it lasts.