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  1. Finally got covid. Had scratchy throat and Barry White voice starting Thursday or Friday, but negative home test (Abbot) Friday, Saturday. Had bit of fever overnight into Sunday morning, tried different at home test (BD), and came up positive. Went in for official confirmation. Later at home, went back to the Abbot test and was immediately showing positive.

    So I'm home this week, watching my Carlson school commencement livestream this morning, and considering how my 20th anniversary on Wednesday is going to play out.

    Also playing the "Was it Covid?" game with wife's panicky shortness of breath and headaches last week, and daughter's mystery abdominal pains. Kind of hoping they gave it to me and I didn't pass it to them this weekend before getting the positive test. Had plenty of close contact with wife and kids Saturday, so I'm really hoping the negative tests were a sign of not shedding virus.

    1. Covid seems to be running rampant through the elementary school right now, even with masks being required again at the beginning of May. The peperoncino said he didn't feel great on Friday evening, and his rapid test was a very faint positive. (His PCR test Wednesday as part of weekly pool testing at school was negative.) I have my final infusion for this phase of treatment tomorrow, so we're all masked up in the house to make sure I don't have to postpone treatment. At least unlike when the jalapeno got it in January, we can open windows and keep fans going.

      His case seems mild, and the plus side is now I feel like I don't have to worry about him catching it while we're traveling next month. Also, his best friend also tested positive on Friday, so they're going to get together this afternoon and play outside together.

      1. Glad to see you're able to make the best of the situation. Best wishes in your treatment.

        1. Thank you! It will be SO nice to not need to have an IV put in my arm every 3 weeks.

    2. On the old Covid front, my sister tested positive about a week and a half ago. She was tested in Fargo as she was up there for a meeting at NDSU and she started to feel... not well. She went in for a test, covid+. She had spent the previous night with my parents and thus exposed them, including Butch, who is in another round of chemo treatment. So, some anxiety there.

      My parents did not get Covid and neither did my brother in law, despite his close proximity to my sister. My sister chalks up her being the only one who tested positive to her weakened immune system since she is also simultaneously suffering from a bout with shingles (gasp). It sounds like she's recovered from the Covid without too much illness and through the worst of the shingles.

      I'm gonna head off and get my shingles vaccine.

      1. Everyone I know who has gotten shingles, including a fair number in their 40s or younger, has said it's awful. No hesitation on that one from me when eligible.

        1. I had a shingles vaccine scheduled at the CVS back in February but they wouldn't give it to me because I had a little head cold. I need to reschedule that, my wife's colleague got shingles last year and it destroyed her pancreas, she'll be diabetic the rest of her life now.

    3. Mrs. Twayn got the COVID late last week, tested positive on Friday. I still feel fine, tested negative and worked all weekend. She had a booster about a month ago, I had my booster 5 months ago. Go figure.

    4. I just got it too. I had the first booster but not the second. I'm right at the cutoff so didn't get it.

      Symptoms came on when I was hiking/backpacking with the boy scouts this past weekend. I figured the headache was from being dehydrated and sleeping on the ground until I started coughing last night.

      1. Oof. Could've been real ugly. I'm not doing too bad, I think, but certainly wouldn't have wanted to be out hiking with a pack! Especially yesterday 😳

    5. A full quarter of the staff where I work were either out sick or on incubation watch last week. I’ve been cleared by pcr test but by the description of the symptoms I may have had this variant 3 weeks ago. I felt unwell but with none of the typical Covid symptoms and tested negative at home at least three times. Who knows.

      My institution just reinstated the mask requirement for staff on site. Likely a good move but I fear it’s a decision that was made after the horses got out of the barn.

    1. Thanks for the heads-up. I'll check it out, and congratulations to him on the book!

  2. Did anyone else see the string of Starlink satellites go by last night during the eclipse.

    It was kinda freaky

    1. I did not see any last night, but I have seen them a couple of times in the past, including some that ruined some images I was helping students take with my school’s observatory. I am definitely not a fan.

      1. Also not a fan. I remember as a kid back in the '70s seeing three polar-orbiting satellites following each other (God I miss those rural night skies) but haven't seen Starlink's contributions to the polluted night star fields. I'll have to see how the Heaven's Above website deals with them sometime.

  3. Not sure that this got a mention, but former Twin David West has died of brain cancer.

    1. They put up a tribute to him on the scoreboard at the games this weekend. If I recall he was only 58 years old?

  4. PatBev is the best:

  5. Buxton is hitting a home run every 7.7 at bats and every 8.5 times to the plate. He's slugging .706 and has an OPS+ of 204. Luis Arraez is batting .314 and has a .410 on base percentage. These guys make good things happen.

    1. One of the most enjoyable top of the order pairings I've seen in some time.

        1. Would it be so bad to have him hit third? Or do we not want to clog up the basepaths in front of him?

            1. Sure. And the cost/benefit includes RBI opportunities for your best hitter. How many more RISP would he see batting third instead of first?

              1. I think the numbers suggest putting your best hitter 2nd. I think Arraez leadoff would make a lot of sense

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