38 thoughts on “2022 Game Log 50 and 51”

  1. To me , Dick Bremer has made strides in the "not be an annoying broadcaster" department when he has been paired up with Morneau and LaTroy but boy does he revert back to GOML mode when the like of Jim Kaat or Jack Morris is in the booth. The last two days he has lamented about how Kirby Puckett never had a day off at home (Im sure he did)

    1. Justin and, to a bit of a lesser extent, LaTroy are very good at recognizing when he's on that edge and either changing the subject or flat out rejecting him.

      1. This is exactly how Dazzle became a better announcer. Gordo let him get away with a lot, but Provus (and especially Atteberry) didn't put up with a lot of the GOML.

        1. Dazzle has always seemed to work up or down to his partner. He was much better with Herb, back in the day, than he was with Gordo.

    2. I checked 1990 and 1991 and the vast majority of games he sat were on the road. At the end of both seasons however, he did sit at home once, such as this game against Toronto. He also missed the entire home stand from August 27 through September 2, 1990 from I assume injury (missed 8 games).

      1. a) Pat feels like such a baseball name.
        b) I do not remember Pat Borders playing for the Twins in 2004. (He was 41. Yes, he stole 2 bases.)

        1. They brought him in because Joe Mauer got hurt so Henry Blanco was the main catcher and Matty leCroy was the backup and he could not throw anyone out on stolen base attempts

          1. Heh, Matty LeCroy could not throw anyone out... I can't find it now, but there was a Washington Post article that asked what would happen if Matt LeCroy tried to steal a base on Matt LeCroy.

        2. For reasons I don't remember and probably weren't very interesting anyway, I always kind of liked Pat Borders. Recognizing, again, that my liking someone doesn't seem to make him a better ballplayer.

  2. Add the "dictionary" commercial to the list of annoying ads during Twins games.

    1. I hated that ad the first time I heard it, and it's not getting any better.

  3. Sands has not pitched more than five innings in a game all season, and his longest outing in the last month and a half is three innings. My guess is this is basically a bullpen game, even if they haven't billed it that way.

    1. And if he doesn't get some people out pretty soon, it'll be a bullpen game even if they didn't plan it that way.

  4. The nice thing about winning the first game of a doubleheader is that you know the worst you can do is a split.

  5. Duluth - Mankato Northwoods League action once again on ESPN+ in case this game goes to a blowout

  6. Got the ol' chromecast working on Mom's TV and streaming from my phone -- she's complained enough about how she can never watch the Twins, well we're fixing that.

    Also, nice hit, rookie

  7. They got four innings out of Sands, and they're still kind of in the game, so it went better than it might have.

  8. At least they lost in quick fashion, with the game played at like 2:30 time

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