15 thoughts on “Game 119 Texas at Twins”

    1. Dazzle has interviewed West on the Twins pre-game show a few times. They seem to get along well.

  1. Texas is twelfth in the league in ERA, and they've pretty much shut the Twins down this entire series. There's an extent to which "that's baseball", but there's an extent to which that's bad batting, too.

  2. Wow. Cory and Attaboy sounded like there wasn't much chance for that challenge. New York must have had an angle they didn't see.

  3. According to Attaboy, that home run put Pagan in to a tie for first place for most homers given up by a reliever. Go for the top spot, Emilio! You can do it!

  4. Cory talking about the Twins looking flat. I don't disagree, exactly, but I will say that you pretty much always look flat when you're not hitting.

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