2023 Game Log 5 – Twins at Marlins

So few complaints with the Twins start of the season huh?

Twins in Miami for game two of the the 3-game series against the Marlins and this may be the toughest match up of the season thus far. Kenta Maeda on for the Twins in his first game back since August 2021. His Spring Training was meh at best so it will interesting to see if he has his old form back.

Twins face a legimate ace in Sandy Alacantara, the reigning National League Cy Young winner (unanimously no less). Alacantara didn't have a great outing opening day so we'll see how does against the Twins bashers.

Game at 5:40p so get your dinner plans set.

Twins Line up
1. Gordon, 2B
2. Correa, SS
3. Larnach, RF
4. Miranda, 3B
5. Gallo, 1B
6. Solano, DH
7. Castro, LF
8. Vázquez, C
9. Taylor, CF

No Buxton but available to pinch hit apparently.

30 thoughts on “2023 Game Log 5 – Twins at Marlins”

  1. I wonder how much screen testing was done on these new alt jersey tops. They look almost black from midrange or beyond camera angles (not great with Chicago in the division), and the player name is illegible.

    1. You are absolutely right about the player's names. I'm watching on a large screen, and there are times you can't even tell there IS a name on their backs.

      1. I might’ve thought it was just a limitation of the 1080p 37” Vizio I bought a dozen years ago if I hadn’t had similar problems on a Retina screen.

        1. At least the numbers stand out. As a public address/internet play-by-play announcer, the thing I hate most is jerseys with numbers you can't read. I remember one year, when I was doing football public address, the visiting team had white jerseys with white numbers trimmed in light gold. I had no clue. Luckily, I was seated next to the visiting team's radio announcer. I figured he should know their players, so whatever name he said, I said. I just hoped he knew what he was doing.

    1. I don't know if his night is done after five innings, but nine strikeouts and zero walks is the Maeda the Twins need.

    1. Maybe they're planning to? I can't think of any other reason why they'd use Pagan.

  2. So, if you throw over to first for the third time and the runner, instead of going back to first, takes off for second and makes it, is it considered a balk or a stolen base?

    1. My understanding is the only way you avoid the balk on the third throw over is if you pick him off, so seems like it's a pick off attempt resuling in an SB

      1. It makes sense to me that it would be a stolen base. I've just never heard or seen anything that discussed it.

  3. It would be wonderful if Pagan could actually be an effective pitcher. My fear is that any time he has a good game, it just fools Rocco into pitching him some more.

        1. Yep. I just showed up expecting to see some ballgame. Gonna have to join bS in being disappointed by the Twolves for my sports tonight.

  4. Maeda deserved better. But, as William Muny said, deserves got nothin' to do with it.

  5. Not what we wanted, but Alcantara is a really good pitcher, and there's no shame in having him shut you out. We'll just have to settle for 161-1!

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