25 thoughts on “2023 Game Log 23: New York Yankees At Minnesota Twins”

  1. I dont want to say the Twins sold high on Aaron Hicks, but he has mostly been bad since joining the Yankees. (part of that is injuries)

    1. He was really good in 2017-18, by far the best years of his career. I think the Yankees pretty easily won that trade. Murphy gave almost no value in his time in Minnesota and then got traded for a lefty pitcher who also generated no value.

      1. I would extend that to 2019 too. He missed most of the season due to injuries but was above average when he played.

      2. John Ryan Murphy as a Twin: .146/.193/.220 in 82 at-bats.

        Traded for Gabriel Moya: 3-1, 4.64, 1,29 WHIP in 42.2 innings. He then hurt his shoulder and was never the same pitcher again.

  2. Cleveland lost, so regardless of what happens here, the Twins will remain in first place.

  3. Gray faced the Yankees once last year, giving up two runs in 6 innings. One start this year with zero runs in seven innings.

    1. Gray entered the game with a 0.82 ERA and left it with an ERA of 0.62 and an ERA of 525. In four starts he's been 11 RAR, 1.2 WAR, 9 RAA and 1.1 WAA.

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