17 thoughts on “2023 Game 119 . Twins in Philly (in progress)”

  1. Any Citizens in the metro and free this evening, I have an extra ticket for Nathaniel Rateliff at Surly. Opening act is on.

      1. It was very very good. I did end up getting to the end of the phone contacts bench and an acquaintance used the ticket. As company goes, you’d have been much preferred to him, but at least it wasn’t wasted.

    1. Schizophrenia is about psychosis. I think they understand the inconsistency so more Jekyll and Hyde.

      1. Usually about psychosis, but not always. Also catatonia, disorganized thinking, poverty of speech, flat affect

  2. Two home run game for Gallo. Now the team will think he's just about to break out for another month.

    1. Blurb at the end of the MLB.com gamer stated that with his 4-4 night, Gallo had as many hits in one game as he’d had in his previous 43 ABs combined.

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