September 20, 2023: CostNo

I don't know if anyone else is clocking this, but that one membership club's gas prices have been pretty meh lately. Closer, non-committal options have been as good or better.

29 thoughts on “September 20, 2023: CostNo”

  1. Ever since I introduced the concept of a magic number to my kids, they've been looking forward to this day.

    This song was on our summer mix this year, so they know it well.

      1. I'm not even sure how that would work? Gets home from the ballpark at 11 at best. Asleep by 12. Sleeps 14, hours, and it's 2 pm. Basically has no time for anything outside of work and sleep every single day.

  2. We generally get our gas at Costco but we also use Holiday and the Cub Foods rewards. Hadn't used the latter in awhile so I was pleased to fill up the other day with a 30 cents/gallon discount.

    1. Also, is petroleum speculation and its ongoing inflationary impact something the media is ever going to catch on to?

  3. Our two main cars are electric, so I don't pay much attention to gas prices anymore. It looks like Costco is 10-60 cents cheaper than other places near us.

    I shop at Costco a ton, so that membership still gets plenty of use. And, I figured out at one point that just the Claritin knockoff we get at Costco (only $12 for 365 pills!) makes it worth it for us to have a membership even if we never got anything else there.

  4. So if Cleveland loses today (they're down 2-4 to KC in the 5th) and lose again tomorrow against Baltimore, we would clinch the division on our off day. Pretty anticlimactic.

    1. The magic number for Detroit is also one at this point too. So Detroit would also have to lose either the game tonight against the Dodgers or tomorrow against the A's for the Twins to clinch.

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